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Mp3tag v2.56

With Mp3tag program, you can easily add album art/cover pictures into your audio files.(mp3, aac, flac, wma...) Follow the steps below to do this;

    Download and install the program.(You can uncheck the "Explorer Context Menu" option while installing it.With this option enabled, you can add audio files via right click on the files > mp3tag in windows's explorer.If you like this method, skip step 2.)
    Open the program, add your album folder via File > Add Directory (or click to the + icon on toolbar), after selecting folder the related audio files in the specified folder will be listed in the program.
    Find the related album cover picture on Google if you do not have it (or you can use program's tag sources feature, it may find album cover picture on some defined sites.)
    Now we need to select the files to be edited, you can select multiple files via a click while pressing shift key, to select all files press Ctrl+A, so select all audio tracks in the same album in this way.
    Right click on the disc icon (you may see a picture instead if the files already have a album cover picture) on bottom left corner > add cover (or click to the pen icon on the toolbar > add cover) and now select the related album cover picture.Also, you can add/edit some album infos in there.Once you have finished editing, click to the save button (Ctrl+S) to finish the process.

Updated Danish, French, Hebrew, Russian, Slovenian and Turkish translations.
Updated TAK library to TAK 2.3.0.
Fixed, performing update check occasionally resulted in runtime error.
Fixed, changing option to show only user-defined genres had no effect until restarting Mp3tag.
Fixed, undo after removing first file from list had no effect.
Added Lithuanian language file.
Fixed, unicode characters encoded in \x{####} format gave runtime exception in web sources (e.g.,
Added support for *.opus files for Explorer context menu shell extension.
Added special handling for iTunMOVI field name for MP4.
Fixed, preview at converter 'Tag - Tag' displayed 0 for %_counter% instead of 1.
Fixed, after deleting files the list jumps to the beginning.
Fixed, after moving files the list jumps to the beginning.
Updated MusicBrainz web source to version 1.06.
Added support for the IETF Opus codec (
Improved compatibility with Windows 8.

Mp3tag v2.56


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Mp3tag v2.57

•Added *.m3u8 to playlist save dialog filter.
•Fixed runtime error during undoing move operation after renaming last file in list.
•Changed syntax for placeholders in language files.
•Fixed runtime error due to wrong use of placeholders in some translations.


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Mp3tag v2.58

•Improved parsing performance when reading MP4 files.
•Fixed occasionally skipped last value for multi-value ID3v2 text fields.
•Reverted change: ID3v2.3 TYER/TDAT now merged into one YEAR field formatted as YYYY-MM-DD (due to popular request).
•Updated Czech, Finnish, Hebrew, and Spanish translations.
•Added workaround for broken MP4 implementations that are writing empty cnID atoms.
•Added workaround for broken MP4 implementations that are writing invalid atom sizes.
•Added support for setting cover description for multiple different covers at once.


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Mp3tag v2.59a

Fixed repainting issue at menu buttons for removing format strings from histories at converter 'Filename - Filename' (since v2.59).
Added taskbar progress indicator on Windows 7 and above when peforming potentially long-running tasks.
Added support for Direct Stream Digital Audio DSF files.
Fixed, content rating tag field ITUNESADVISORY was not displayed if set to 0 (None).
Updated help file with changed possible values for ITUNESADVISORY tag field.
Improved performance when displaying actions menu.
Added menu for removing format strings from history at converter 'Filename - Filename'.
Fixed, enabling/disabling filter via 'View > Filter...' or F3 while in editing mode could write data to wrong file.
Updated Bulgarian, Catalan and Russian translations.
Fixed, ID3v2.3 TDAT was read to DATE when reading but not stored as TDAT when writing.
Fixed, filtering for field HAS " " was also matching files without blanks.
Fixed, export field parameter at $loop() was compared case-insensitive which caused unexpected behavior at duplicate detection.


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Mp3tag v2.60

•Fixed, tag field mapping in help file now states that YEAR is written to TYER in ID3v2.3
•Fixed, filtered file list displayed wrong files after moving files in file list (since v2.59b)
•Rewrote huge parts of the internal code base to use standard container libraries and algorithms
•Updated Discogs web source.
•Fixed occasional runtime error while performing undo of renaming of files


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Mp3tag v2.62

Updated Bulgarian, Czech, Hebrew, Hungarian, and Korean language files
Added authentication via OAuth 1.0a for Discogs tag sources
Added scripting function $list(x,y,z) to official documented scripting functions
Replaced Romanian language file by new translation from Andrei-Felix Areanu
Fixed runtime error when file name resulting from performing actions was one of the reserved device file names CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM1-9, or LPT1-9
Fixed issue on some systems when selection in file list has been changed (e.g., by invert selection, or click on selected files - since v2.59b)
Fixed runtime error when closing Mp3tag if was locked or user had no write permission
Fixed duplicate message in preview of converter 'Text-file - Tag' for previous file in case no matching file entry was found in text file
Fixed file dialog at converter 'Text-file - Tag' now does not ask for creation of files anymore
Fixed removing files from file list occasionally resulted in runtime error (since v2.59b)
Fixed tab order in various dialogs was wrong

Mp3tag v2.62


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Mp3tag v2.68

•Fixed, web sources framework function 'json_select_array' does not create error result in case parameter does not refer to an array
•Fixed, web sources framework function 'ifnot' did not work for empty parameter in some cases
•Added Discogs image caching through dedicated caching server
•Added support for complex JSON object values by web sources framework functions 'json_select_object' and 'json_unselect_object'
•Added support for boolean values in web sources framework function 'json_select'
•Fixed, MP4 codec field for encoder settings was not preserved when writing tags
•Added support for mouse wheel scrolling in tag panel
•Added context-specific detection of mouse-wheel usage to prevent accidentally overwriting the field contents
•Updated RATING MM to use latest mapping of values
•Fixed, removing filter from filter history did not reset filter and file list
•Fixed, field RELEASETIME was missing after resetting the tag fields list
•Fixed, adding cover art did not conform to the description in the documentation (select file dialog was showing the current working directory instead of the file's directory in case no default directory was provided)
•Fixed, documentation of action 'Remove duplicate fields' did not mention that the first value is retained
•Added scripting function $strcmp to compare strings case-sensitively
•Added scripting function $stricmp to compare strings case-insensitively
•Fixed, documentation of scripting function $eql did not mention that strings are compared case insensitive
•Fixed, scripting function $eql was not working correctly if strings contained umlauts or diacritic characters
•Extended number of actions possibly displayed in actions popup-menu to 500


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2.72 / 2.72b Beta (December 06, 2015)

2.72b (2015-12-06)

CHG: file selection state is now perserved when filtering.
NEW: configuration option to automatically select files that were added to the file list.

2.72a (2015-11-22)
FIX: displayed file icon was dependent on the case of the file extension on some systems.
CHG: added detailed error message in cases where the configuration file cannot be saved when closing Mp3tag.
CHG: CONDUCTOR field now maps to MP4 ©con atom.
NEW: added information field %_bitspersample% for some supported file types.


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Latest version

2.85 / 2.85h Beta (December 13, 2017)

2.85h (2017-12-13)
NEW: added preferences page to enable the Library and to configure included directories.
CHG: attempting a more graceful shutdown on out-of-memory conditions.
LNG: updated Norwegian language file.

2.85f (2017-12-10)
FIX: deleting non-standard files from file view did not update file list (since 2.85b).

2.85e (2017-12-08)
FIX: sync issue between actual file information fields (i.e., size, modification timestamps, ...) and internal representation (since 2.85b).

2.85d (2017-12-07)
FIX: runtime error when adding files to an already running instance via the Windows Explorer context-menu extension (since 2.85b).

2.85c (2017-12-07)
FIX: file renaming collision when target file was already in database but removed externally (since 2.85b).
FIX: info fields were not updated in database when tags were written or removed (since 2.85b).
FIX: actions that caused a directory to be renamed did not update the database entries (since 2.85b).

2.85b (2017-12-06)
CHG: improved library reading performance on subsequent reads by using an internal database.
CHG: MP4 tag fields are not truncated to 255 characters anymore. (#23176)
FIX: runtime error when adding cover art to Ogg Vorbis or Opus files (since 2.85a). (#23213)

2.85a (2017-11-22)
CHG: improved memory consumption especially for large music libraries.
CHG: changes regarding cover art are now also part of undo information.
FIX: tag sources framework function 'json_foreach' now also works with arrays as unnamed JSON root element. (#23165)


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Latest version

2.86 (January 24, 2018)

Version history / Release notes / Changelog

------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2018-01-24] REL: VERSION 2.86 (for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP SP3)
------------ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[2018-01-13] FIX: action "Format value" for _FILENAME caused new file directory to be set also in cases where file cannot be renamed.
[2018-01-10] LNG: updated Bulgarian, Czech, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese-Brazil and Slovenian language files.
[2018-01-10] FIX: vendor string was not written when updating Vorbis Comments in Opus files.
[2018-01-08] CHG: default tag panel field names are now auto-translated on language change. (#23220, #22856, #22200)
[2018-01-08] CHG: default file view column names are now auto-translated on language change. (#23220, #22856, #22200)
[2018-01-08] FIX: runtime error when parsing broken UFID ID3v2 frames. (#23295)
[2018-01-01] FIX: runtime error when performing library cleanup directly after enabling library option (since 2.85i).
[2017-12-21] FIX: runtime error when performing save via keyboard shortcut while in-place editing in the file list.
[2017-12-20] FIX: importing tags via Discogs tag source set YEAR field to 0 for releases without year.
[2017-12-20] FIX: file list selection mark was wrong in some cases after deleting, removing or moving files.
[2017-12-19] NEW: added option to cleanup the database from orphaned files.