moving to london - help


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Hi everybody!

I am moving to London in the next weeks and I want to install a satellite dish with a motor, mainly to see feeds and sports channels.

Could anybody help me with some advice about the size I need in the dish? Is 1m enough, or do I need 1,20 or 1,30?

And, what about the regulations about installing satellite dishes in uk? I will rent a flat or a house. Do you know if I need permission from the house owner, the Homeowners Association, both...?

I would also need to find a professional installer to do the job, so suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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If you are renting you should ask permission - but apparantly UK law states that you cannot be stopped from putting in a dish/ariel to receive signals so you could do it and not tell them but out of courtesy I would ask ;)


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rocky, if you put the dish at the rear of the house or on the roof few people will make a fuss. if you put it on the front facing the street you might pi55 your neighbours off a bit

are you renting a flat or a whole house?

you will need to ask your landlord permission. he will probably say "yes" if you say you will have it

1. professionally installed
2. remove it when you leave and clean up any holes etc


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I have rented a few places over the years in London. I have never bothered asking for permission. You cant see the dish on the roof anyway.


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Most areas do not need planning permission unless planning to install a dish greater than the 1m. Two dishes up to 1m are allowed.

Although I would say the vast majority who have installed 1-1.2m have not bothered with planning permission because once the dish is up high its difficult to see if the dish is greater without going up ladder/scaffolding and actually measuring it.