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MovielistPreview Plugin

I once pimped the ancient Movielist Preview plugin from AliAbdul a bit, so you can create preview pictures for your recordings if no pictures can be found with AEL. So that they are displayed in the movie list and in the EMC. This works with private videos, documentaries, sports recordings and films.

You go to a movie in the movie list (EMC) and press "Menu -> Movie list preview" or you put it on a color button. Then you look for a place in the video (spools go) and press OK, now a screenshot of this point is made and the picture z, B. saved as "Filmname.bdp.jpg" in the same directory as the video file.
If you now start the next search with AEL, he will find this image file and take it as an image (backdrop).

If you have made a mistake or want to create another image for a recording, then it is not enough to delete the .jpg, if you have already started a search. For this you have to delete the poster in the AEL plugin under Menu, so it is also deleted from the AEL database.

Info: The auto creation, missing thumbnails, i.e. creating all missing images in one go does not work properly, my few skills are overwhelmed.
Unfortunately I could no longer find the original DEV, but I have the permission of an admin to publish this. As I said, the original plugin is over 10 years old.

Of course, your skin must also support the AEL plugin.