mHotspot wifi from pc to your mobile or labtop


Hotspot from your pc to your mobile or labtop :):)

Hotspot Features
Set any Hotspot Name & Password. Control the no. of devices that can be connected to hotspot. Secure the hotspot with WPA2-PSK encrypted password.

Track Usage
View the details of connected devices – Name, Ip Address, Mac Address. View the Upload & Download speeds. View the amount of data used – Upload & Download

High Speed: Stream Videos & Transfer Files
Stream videos, and share files to any device securely in 3 steps in High Speeds.

Lightweight & Simple
The brilliant feature of mHotspot is that it doesn’t require too much of RAM. Works blazing fast on low-end laptops too!

How to use mHotspot:

1. Enter any name of your choice as hotspot name.
2. Choose a password of minumum 8 chars.
3. Select your active internet connection from the drop-down list of connections.
4. Set the maximum number of clients that can be connected to the hotspot.
5. Click start hotspot to start your own personal wifi hotspot.

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