Mev-1 will move Intelsat 901 to 27.5 west


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The first Mission Extension Vehicle, or MEV 1, will link up with an 18-year-old Intelsat communications satellite early next year. Once docked, the MEV 1 spacecraft will take over propulsion for the Intelsat 901 satellite, which is running low on fuel.

Once the satellites are docked, the MEV takes over attitude control and propulsion responsibilities, acting like a jet pack for the customer spacecraft.
The MEV’s fuel-efficient, xenon-fed ion thrusters will steer the Intelsat 901 satellite toward a new operating post at 27.5 degrees west longitude. Intelsat 901’s current orbit takes the satellite about 1.5 degrees north and south of the equator during each 24-hour orbit.

The Mission Extension Vehicle will guide Intelsat 901 back to a position directly over the equator.

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Hi, only found out about replacing 907 with 901 yesterday. I've been happily watching UK TV in Spain for a few years now from 907 and I'm very worried I will be losing it. Does anyone have any further information please?