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Merlin Wizard of Dream - DM56x0 Snapshot

Snapshot-Images basieren auf dem aktuellen Stand des Quellcodes und sind ungetestet.


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DM56x0_Merlin Wizard of Dream _Snapshot_01 by bosmann
Merlin Sourcen + softCAM starter KIT V10 von ripper im Image enthalten, keine Emus und keine Keys. Hinweis: Snapshot-Images basieren auf einem beliebigen Entwicklungsstand und können noch Fehler enthalten. Readme liegt bei.


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DM56x0 Dreamsat-Image sa merlinsourcama V.2

DM56x0 Dreamsat-Image sa merlinsourcama V.2


* Merlin panel with the following options:
+ Timer Overlap
+ Merlin Private EPG (EPG correct for Premiere Direkt channels)
+ Record Path Function (When you can record directly into any directory)
+ Car Mount
+ FastSkip (For the video mode using the number keys on the remote coils can be.)
+ OSD Display Timer Event Setup (Before you start a timer will start on the OSD announced)
+ Automount in ROOT directory
+ Disk Space Info in infobar
+ Disk space in the timer list
+ Disk Free Ad
+ Softmute (extended mixer)
+ Playing screen (DVR mode)
+ Sorted (for the file mode)
Picon + Support
+ Timer offset (lead, follow-up time)
+ Delete Current Playlist (playlist is in standby deleted)
+ Zap OSD (Only Name is displayed)

* Partnerbox function (for E1 and E2 boxes), up to 4 boxes are controllable
* Recover Movies (recordings.epl the newly build multiple directories simultaneously -> Selectable)
* Swap Manager
* Addon Manager with DBC Merlin Addon Dream server and server-Sat Addon
* Backup / Restore Funkton
* EPG Search
* Infobar move
* New behavior when a skin does not work (image no longer needs to be re-flashed, previously active skin is automatically loaded)
* Avalon Skin by Vali

* Var Move Manager
* Direct and Sports EPG data in the web interface, programming of sub-channels in the web interface or Partnerbox possible
* Default action adjustable timer
* Auto Resume Movie (position of the film is saved and can be rerun directly there are compatriots)
* Slotmanager
* Language Audio Manager
* RCKey Manager (allocation of plugins on the colored button on the FB)
* EPGSmarttimer (auto timer) option on keywords automatically in the event timer list or a graphical display in the OSD when found events) including EPGUpdater
* When switching the EPG transmitting information on the OSD displayed immediately without delay
* Dreambox during a recording in standby mode will
* Option for simultaneous use of multiple recordings.epl Dream Boxes
* Partnerbox with 4 boxes profiles adjustable (E1 and E2), recording data are stored in EPG list with different colors marked possibly, all without blocking in a process that runs in the background ...
* New handling for overlapping timer: It is detected when overlapping timer himself at the transmitter. It will then automatically start-end times adapted (with a timer offset light) ...
* Skip-WindowMaker individually adjustable
* Userdefinierte functions for yellow / red button on the FB
* MP3 display in Filemodus selectablly (filename, title, title - Artists)
* Possibility of permanent display of film and film show exact position in minutes / seconds units
* Radio mode with plasma TV Protection
* NFS servers and optional integrated bootable

and much more ...
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