MboxControl Web Interface 2010 ReDuX

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Thx to VaMPiRe.
I finally managed to complete my version of 
the MboxControl Web Interface 2010 ReDuX.

[B]NEW features:[/B]
Completely standalone & very easy to install package. (Once configure 
EVERYTHING is controlled from the browser while Mbox runs invisibly in 
the background).

Comes preconfigured with independent Mapache webserver & PHP5,
Mbox 0.4 BETA build 0023 to retain gbox compatibility but any version 
of Mbox should work by simply substituting the mbox.exe.

[B]MboxControl Web Interface EXCLUSIVE NEW features include:[/B]
- Real-time console display on the browser.
- Enhanced Peer list - Ability to directly click over any online peer to see 
  their shared cards.
- Enhanced Card list - NEW highly dynamic card counter engine depending 
  on the peer & distances displayed.
- NEW Ability to add cards to ignore.list DIRECTLY from the browser.
- Enhanced Provider list with provider count.
- NEW Program Control page - Ability to Start/Restart & Stop Mbox 
  IRECTLY from the browser.
- English & Italian translations included in the new translation format.
- Updated ignore.list, ident.list , DVB plugin files for ProgDVB or DVBDream 
  together with instructions.txt also included.
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