Lite-On launches new 4X Blu-ray disc writer


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Lite-On launches new 4X Blu-ray disc writer

Last Wednesday PLDS, or Lite-On, announced the successor of the LH-2B1S Blu-ray drive. The DH-4B1S is a Blu-ray disc writer that writes BD-R media at 4x writing speed, which makes the DH-4B1S a time-saving and fast writer compared to its predecessor. To make its writing speed constant and stable, Lite-On added Constant Linear Velocity (CLV), which keeps the data transfer rate at 18MB per second during the whole session.

“If you use only 75-80% of the disc capacity, a 4X CLV writing strategy will be a quicker solution then a 6X CAV strategy,” says Marketing Manager Jelmer Veldman. Lite-On believes we can speak of a growing acceptance for Blu-ray as the high-definition format. “We see a growing market acceptance for Blu-ray as the format of choice for High Definition content playback and for high volume archiving. With this 4X BD writer Lite-On delivers a faster solution for backing up data on Blu-ray Discs.”

At the end of May the DH-4B1S will be available across Europe and adds a new product to the company's Blu-ray portfolio.