Latest madVR Codec Pack


* added 2 new lower "remove compression artifacts" strengths
* slightly improved "remove compression artifacts" quality at lower strengths
* "remove compression artifacts" now always runs as part of NGU (if possible)
* display bitdepth now defaults to new "auto" setting (read from EDID)
* extended "if there are big black bars, reduce bar size" option range
* render target display is now shown in bold in the settings dialog
* added support for "execute command line on profile switch"
* when OS "HDR and Advanced Color" switch is active, FSE mode is disabled
* removed "exclusive" / "windowed" mode OSD notification
* added "(OS HDR)" vs "(NV HDR)" vs "(AMD HDR)" OSD information
* added downscaling "LL" (Linear Light) information to OSD
* added keyboard shortcut for opening settings dialog (default Ctrl+S)
* added keyboard shortcut for toggling seekbar on/off
* added keyboard shortcut for showing seekbar for 5 seconds
* added keyboard shortcut for toggling debanding on/off vs strength
* added file tag "detectBlackBars=on|off" or "blackBarDetection=on|off"
* added file tag "hdr=on|off" or "transfer=hdr|sdr|2084|709"
* added "battery" profile variable
* added "fullscreen" profile variable, can be exclusive or windowed
* renamed "fseMode" profile variable to "exclusive" ("fseMode" still works)
* fixed: "display" profile variable didn't work properly
* fixed: little "let madVR decide" chroma quadrupling bug
* fixed: screenshots were distorted with when using "crop black bars"
* fixed: screenshots in paused state sometimes crashed madVR
* fixed #320: make seeking to start of movie easier with FSE mode seek bar
* fixed #336: madHcCtrl: 3DLUT file path is evaluated for remote instance
* fixed #406: typing in "devices" profiles could jump to other pages
* fixed #481: distorted colors with Y416 input and DXVA processing
* added workaround for subtitle renderer crashes (XySubFilter, AssFilterMod)
* added workaround for PotPlayer OSD render crashes

mohammed tanko

Super VIP
madVR 0.92.12

* added option "use reduce compression artifacts only if it comes for free"
* added experimental "diffuse white" HDR option (mainly for projector owners)
* improved non-hue-preserving HDR tone mapping
* removed low quality hue preserving HDR tone mapping
* HDR option "fix too bright & saturated pixels" is now always available
* display peak nits edit control now accepts down to 80 Nits (formerly 120 Nits)
* added 3dlut information to OSD (only if active)
* fixed: RCA wasn't always run as part of NGU, even though it should
* fixed: little OSD scaling info text glitch
* fixed: #228: deintFps was not 24 for 720p60 decimated 6:4 cadence content (forced film)
* fixed: #394: madvr OSD didn't resize properly when screen masking options are used


* HDR: improved overall tone mapping quality
* HDR: added "color tweaks for fire & explosions" option
* HDR: "restore details in compressed highlights" renamed to "highlight recovery"
* HDR: improved "highlight recovery" algo, now uses/requires DirectCompute
* HDR: added trade quality option "compromise on tone & gamut mapping accuracy"
* HDR: maxCLL is now used (if valid)
* HDR: added "hdrVideoPeak" profile variable
* HDR: added (limited) support for HDR OSD bitmaps
* added "report BT.2020 to display" calibration option
* added true GPU mode info (color format, bitdepth & dynamic range) to OSD (Nvidia only)
* fixed: low latency mode could result in judder/stuttering
* fixed: OSD API sometimes drew stuff in the wrong position
* fixed: madHcNet32/64.dll produced DCI-P3 3DLUTs with incorrect header
* added undocumented "ShowHdrMode" empty file/folder option


* modified/simplified HDR tone mapping settings page
* small HDR tone mapping saturation improvement
* OSD now also shows the measured luminance of the current frame (in addition to the average)
* fixed: render & present queues didn't always fill in Windows 10 build 1803
* fixed: using XySubFilter sometimes resulted in black screen / freeze
* fixed: using HDR "processing" resulted in dark and red-ish image
* fixed: using BT.601/709 gamma curve with HDR tone mapping produced gray-ish image
* fixed: settings dialog sometimes crashed on display mode / custom mode tab