Is there another SatBox like WeTek?


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I am from Germany, so we dont have any way to buy without creditcard a wetek SatBox. Is there another one with the same Features? Clone?


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Depends on what you are after I think.
It looks like Kodi now is natively ported to some of the the VU+ receivers now. That will give you a fully working enigma2 sat receiver, with smartcard reader so that you get encrypted channels as well. Together with kodi, thats a good deal. But it wont give you android.
If wetek had smartcard reader and oscam, and all running stable from android, it would do everything that enigma2 boxes can do today. Then I think there would be no more need to buy any enigma2 receiver again.


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After playing with wetek play and going through all images and most options I think I know how my DREAM-Box want to be

1) running Enigma in root 1-2 built in Dvbs-s2 + ATSC +USB Vtuner
2) option A - run Kodi as frontend app with tvheadend and Enigma2 pvr in backend
3) Option B - Run Android as an app within Enigma2
4) Option C - Dual boot with fully functional Ubuntu
5) Sata, usb CF, SD ports

Would that be great ( and virtually impossible)
:) :)