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iptables 1.4.4 has been released.
This release supports all new features of the 2.6.30 kernel.

What's new:

[B]Frank Tobin[/B] (1):
      libxt_tcp: fix a manpage syntax typo
Ian Bruce [/B](1):
      libxt_tcp: manpage corrections and suggestions
Jan Engelhardt [/B](15):
      Add new COMMIT_NOTES document
      xtables: use extern "C"
      extensions: add const qualifiers in print/save functions
      iptables: replace open-coded sizeof by ARRAY_SIZE
      addrtype: fix one manpage type
      manpages: do not include v4-only modules in ip6tables manpage
      libip6t_policy: remove redundant functions
      policy: use direct xt_policy_info instead of ipt/ip6t
      policy: merge ipv6 and ipv4 variant
      build: fix manpage collection
      extensions: use NFPROTO_UNSPEC for .family field
      DNAT/SNAT: add manpage documentation for --persistent flag
      extensions: remove redundant casts
      iptables: close open file descriptors
      manpages: markup corrections

[B]Jozsef Kadlecsik[/B] (1):
      Updated set/SET match and target to support multiple ipset protocols.
Pablo Neira Ayuso[/B] (2):
      extensions: add `cluster' match support
      xtables: fix segfault if incorrect protocol name is used
Patrick McHardy[/B] (3):
      SNAT/DNAT: add support for persistent multi-range NAT mappings
      Merge branch 'stable' of git://dev.medozas.de/iptables
      Bump version

[B]kd6lvw [/B](1):
      libxt_connlimit: initialize v6_mask

md5sum 08cd9196881657ea0615d926334cb7e9