Info: Diablo CAMs [Different CAMs, Names & Order they came out]

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There are a few different Diablo CAMs available and some people seem to be confused about which CAM is which and which one is the oldest / which one is this newest. I hope this clarifies the situation:

The problem lies with people abbreviating the CAMs name.

Diablo2.3 = Diablo v1 Rev2.3 (Diablo Version 1 Internal Firmware Version 2.3)

Diablo 2 / Diablo D2 / Diablo Squared = Diablo v2 Rev3.9 (Diablo Version 2 Internal Firmware Version 3.9).

The first version of the Diablo is Diablo v1 Rev2.2. There are Light, Wireless & WiFi versions of the CAMs.

Only Underworld files are to be used on Diablo version 1 CAMs for EMUs (and earlier Stealth files).

Only Ipnosys files are to be used on Diablo version 2 CAMs for EMUs.

Diablo v1 = Public Hacks Only via key.bin & Fausto Emulation

Diablo v2 = also has Exclusive hacks with Ipnosys software/firmware.

Diablo WiFi (2.3) presently has the same exclusive hacks with Underworld software/firmware.

*Two different Diablo WiFi v2 Rev2.3's: Boot v1.43 with only SIM card reader (1 x Plug-In format for SIM-CARD)

And: Boot v1.44 with 2 card readers (1 x Plug-In format for SIM-CARD and 1 x ISO 7816 format for standard Smartcard)

both work with same Underworld firmware and Via hacks

Edit: And there is now the new, latest in the family of Diablo CAMs: Diablo WiFi v1 Rev2.4
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