INDB-7 release4 Flash/USB 9000/910/900/91/100


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INDB-7 release4


Attention!!! Swap and HDD disabled defoult.

Remember !!!! - emulators, crossepg, mytube, webmedia and some plugins dont work without swap

- After first start you MUST!!! do setting

set enabled = yes
set size = 128mb or 256mb
press key_green for save you settings
press exit

2-BluePane-Image Setup-MountManager
set enabled = yes
set Partition = sda1 or other you like partition from /media/hdd mount
press "Save" for save you settings
press "Mount" and wait whan tuner finished swap-file create and mount operation
press "Create folders" from create /media/hdd/movie in recordable from you media

3-reboot tuner

press "Install" from download you like emulator
reboot GUI from look installed
press Client key_yellow from start emu
After it you emu willbe start automatycly after reboot or restart gui

PS My frends, if you dont do point 1-2-3-4 - that dont ask me
"Wy my hard or usb dont automount?" or "Wy i dont have swap?" or "Wy mgcamd dont start in boot?"- that you stupped and dont learn reed ! )))

INDB-7 release 4

Based INDB GIT v7, AAF Drivers, IsCan Multi-Boot v1.33 anf rt3070sta WiFi drivers, Nikolasy & Iscan GIT Changes and Pathes

-YouTube Plugins
-Restart EMU after reboot or restart Gui
-Quick Sleep Function
-Skins animation bugs
-Other little bugs
-Other emulator install without tuner reboot ( from clear downloaded packages after install 1 emu- go in emumanager menu and press install again)
-QuickEpg downloader
-NKTV Kartina TV plugin add 8digit login\password

MayBe Fixed
-12-volt from 9000 ( i dont have this tuners and can`t test it)
-cartreader driver
#d16 off * change line /var/bin/oscam.sh4 -c /var/keys >/dev/null 2>&1 & if oscam work client mode
#d16 on * change line /var/bin/oscam.sh4 -d16 -c /var/keys >/dev/null 2>&1 & if oscam work server mode

Not Fixed:
-Clock in Deep-Standby :)

- Delete 2IB Plugins ( add new python algoritm from secondary infobar)
- Add new function in skin settings ( BluePanel-ImageSetup-SkinSetup )
* Picon animation - enable or disable animation picon vizion
* Rolling text - enable rolling from long channel name
* Menu fade in - fade main menu
* PiconProv Animation
* TV Picon Animation
* Pig ( this function disabled defoult- some skins can tuner reboot if anabled it)
* Show menu in osd
* Show icon in BP
* Show fB full
* Quick key EPG- enable it if you wont have quick epg key search (key 1 2 3 4 5 6 in menu "Ok" in channel list
* Infobar hide - animation from hide infobar
* Infobar fade -animation from fade infobar
* Decoders LCD - channel name\number\clock in tuner led
* Circle volume - circle from any skins or defoult skins volume indicator
* Infobar type - 1,2,or 1+2 infobar select
* Infobar timeout- time live from infobar
* Show permanent clock
* Type permanent clock ( digital, analog 1 or analog 2 type )
* Permanent clock position

- Add russian language virtual keyboard in MyTybe and other plugins
- Update emustart scripts and add new oscam emu in emu-manager
- Add wiziving pictures from emu-manager (ligth emu panel v.7)
- D-Link DWA rt3070 WiFi

* Plugin, flash incorporato versione
- Bluepanel v7-04
- QuickEpg from russian and ukrainian channel epg
- Quickbutton with EPG select keys ( deffoult epg key not set/ long epg pressed willbe epg select menu)
- MediaCentre with weather ( fixed MyTube )
- DivXPlayer ( fixed from avi sound, + added mkv format support )
- NKTV\Kartina Player 8digit fixed
- Emu manager with information EMU-Pic
- Mount manager
- Permanente TimeShift
- Permanente digitale / analog1/ analog2 ( enable in BluePanell)
- Boot Manager with script ( from multibut do in telnet /var/config/ and answer all questions you network about)
- Cifs manager
- CIFS Netmoun \ nfs manager
- WiFi Manager
- Mediaplayer
- Dreem-Explorer
- CrossEPG
- Client Torrent ( only from usb version)
- EnhancedMovieCenter 2.0.1
- MyTube fixed hd\sd
- CuberevoFFD
- VLCVideoPlayer
- USB-Skins
- other

About all bugs say us in officiale forum or sifteam forum
and time at time look in plugins download ))

Enjoy it

You IsCan & Nikolasi