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0.82 supports seca3 nl, only if you wait for a lot of seconds every time you zap.
0.83 does not understand Seca 3 .NL or .BE


Some more information about my testing ground.
I use the "old" Visionnet 200(ppc) and the 910HD(sh4) both dgstation recievers.
I use an old Linux laptop for CCcam 2.x distribution with a subscription card and smartreader+.

What works with Seca3 are;
Linux server CCcam 2.0.11 with
Clients ppc CCcam 2.1.1 and sh4 incubuscamd 0.82

ppc connects whithout any problems to any channel ever.
sh4 connects with a lot of problems, it takes 20-30 seconds before it recieves the second packet and then decodes.

For a good understanding at this(see timestamp left) moment in the .NL there are three codecs send, irdeto, seca 2 and seca3. The seca 2 and 3 have the same sid's.
CCcam(2.0.11-2.1.x) on x86, ppc and mps does not have any problems with this.

I think that this sh4 platform does have some problems with Seca3, again also with everything official CI, card etc it does not work at this time and date!

Plz vendor fix it fast!


Incubus sh4 0.83 + Seca3

I have this running on QboxHD. sh4 version
version .83 runs cccam and disconnects every 10 minutes.
Seca3, (New Mediaguard, Merlin). Let us please stop naming seca3, it is not correct.
Anyway, Seca3 takes Ages to open .... I have to switch back and forward until i get a picture ....

Incubus is far from stable, also it claims to use several cccam servers but in reality it only use them in a round robin way. (One connect at a time) ...

The newcamd disconnects every 1 minute ....
Gbox is still in beta.

Please a quick solution !


Bug report Where

The Author Writes Bug reports yes But Where can we Post them

I have Got Post many Bugs in Spinnes-board but the Author seens to be English so I wil Try to Report it Here

1 Incubus dosent works when any One Try to Start Teletext on Kathrein Mbox is Okey it works

2 Incubus 0.93 search on Channel Switch every Server one on tries

so it Connect server 1 send the Call then it disconnects and connects the next server why dit ist nos by CCcam it Connects all Server and Stays in Connect it is Farster when it searchs the Cards

3 Incubus stops when you look a long time a free Channel.

4 when You Switch Channel like KD to a Channel Like Sex View noch Picture when you now restarts the Incubus it like too Search The Card and It works

Nagra to Viaacess dosent work
from Viaacess to nagra no Cards found it dosend wokr the Channel Switch Changing

exuse me my English is not soo good.

thanks for anser of The Author of IncubusCamd Please send Me a PM to knows me for Bug Report or a Adress to Send Them To The Author of Incubus.



teta version don´t work for me. After first zap is incubus hanging...

Log say: connects without ending.

code green

incubus 0.93

who has runnning incubus 0.93 on the latest napo 02102009 on the qbox hd..

i've tryed everything.. put the .prio and the config in the /var/keys, give booth files a chmod755 and put the line on it to connect with cccam server..
but no picture...
( no popup incubus 0.93)

what i'm doing wrong:eek:

please help , because radar is not verry stable at this moment..

thx codegreen:rolleyes:


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Running 0.93 teta on a Cuberevo. Works much better with minimum hangs with:-
instead of 1
in incubuscamd.conf
I suspect there is a bug in the screen message handling.


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Hey, does anyone know if it will get better support for softcam in incubus?
I now use incubus0.93
But as expected, do not I get softcam to work ..



I trys to where a beta tester of this Software but no Admin ansers of an PM i think they dident have interest for Betatester


Big bug report on Kathrein

IncubusCamd 0.93-teta

bug on Kathrein

D+ Spain incubus Exept spain with Chid 1810

but it dident find the provider so 000000

CCcam returns noch Provider Supportet

a fix where be great

CCcam is to slow by Changing the ECM a Tim to fix them by USER in CFG where be great

ecm scanning on channel switching is to slow when you have switch by another channel incubus tries to find the ECM by the Last Channel

it can be fixed by an reset to scan the servers again incubus is the faster

i have got a german IncubusCamd Support Forum Startet on
or by Spinnes-board because i am veri interestet by Incubus and it work by our Group great with some Bugs please PM by Betas ore Bugfixes from Admin thanks