HowTo Humax5400 CS

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HowTo Humax5400 in the CS network

Here is a small description for Humax Connection to existing CS network.

First of all, should be on the Humax Toh the latest software (as of today: 6.2) installed.
Once this thing is in the menu on the Humax Config, the last point on HSIC represent. In addition to CARD + EMU + S set (2 points above).
A card in the Humax slide shaft, over the serial cable Humax to PC. Done.

HSIC Start Program (current HSIC 3.0)
Under settings the following settings:


IP / Name = IP of the server box or dyndns name (
Port = The port which the port CS-release runs
User = User name (must be in the server box in the User exist)
Password = Of course, the password of the user

Local-IP = The IP of the PC which is connected to the Humax
Port = 8003 default Simple drinlassen.
COM port = The serial interface register (either 1 or 2, has almost no more)
Then update button once to switch on the box and wait about 10-20 seconds. It should be bright.
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