How to upgrade your SX88+ Multi stream & variants


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SX88+ series how to save your channel list
First place a blank USB stick in your receiver now follow :-

1/Menu (press menu on your remote control)
2/move the cursor to back up & Recovery
3/Settings export to USB Press OK
4/Please select data for backup
5/ DVB channel list select
6/ Press start (you have now saved your channel list)

How to upload my channel list for the SX88+ ect
Download my channel list onto a USB stick place it in your SX88+

1/Menu (press menu on your remote control
2/Move the cursor to back up & Recovery
3/Settings import usb
4/Select USB Disk1:/dev/sda1
5/Now move the cursor down to the last selection
6/Select all by pressing the Red button
7/Select start by pressing the Green button

Onscreen menu message "Please Wait"
The receiver will now re-boot.
You have now updated your channel list.

This guide was compiled by William-1 Oct 2nd 2020
Use this guide with these multi stream receivers:-
Octagon SX88,Octagon SX88+,Octagon SX88 Optima,
Octagon SX88 4K UHD, Eurostar Alpha_X & Edision Primo S2 IP​