How to have Linux up and running in 5 minutes on your PS3


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How to have Linux up and running in 5 minutes on your PS3

How to have a full Linux desktop running on your PS3, with Firefox, Bittorrent and MAME (amongst other apps), in less than 5 minutes.

All you need: A PS3 (obviously!!), a USB flash drive with at least 120MB of free space, a USB keyboard and mouse, and 5 minutes of time. No HDD formatting required. That really is all. Watch the video, and then download!

(extract to the root of your USB pen drive)


Password: st0rmbr1nger (watch the spelling )


* Can’t install OtherOS: Not extracted to USB flash disc correctly, or not idenfied by PS3 (make sure it’s FAT or FAT32 formatted).

* Can’t select boot menu: If you are using the PS3 controller to select the boot option, make sure you have pressed the PS button! (the directional buttons will then work)

* Can’t see anything: Make sure you have booted in a mode that your TV supports. HDTV should be fine with the default 720p, if you don’t have HD, then pick “live”, which is 480i, use the up/down buttons when the flash icon is highlighted to select the right display mode. X button selects the mode and boots. (or use a keyboard, with left/right and Enter to select).

* Can’t boot back to PS3: You need to tell it you want to return to PS3 mode, either open up a commad prompt in Linux and type: ps3-boot-game-os OR reboot and select the controller icon in the boot menu.