Help Kathi Dead dont boot


good friends
need help with a kathrein ufs910
kathrein was with the enigma2 but the image was faulty
could put the image kcc 3.2 the last summer dream v2
but the image is also not picked up the plugins and sent back to kcc 3.2 aaf 2.0e
after that the box not connected +
I went to put the 2.0e with a pen but the box not connected to the same
tried several images with a pen and not carrying well
now lets not carry anything with a pen and says this in hyperterminal

Board: STb7100-mboard

U-Boot 1.1.2 (STLINUX_2_0p1) (May 30 2007 - 16:03:49)

write time out = 1, clock = 40
write time out = 1, clock = 40
Flash: 16 MB
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
pll0 freq 531
pll1 freq 399
Net: VFD_Driver Init
VFD_Controller Type : NEW Kathrein VFD
board_version = 0
Button_value = 7
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
## Booting image at a0040000 ...
Bad Magic Number

and try to stop the boot in hyperterminal but not stop boot
and lets not write anything in hyperterminal
I thank you help.
I do not know what to do anymore

sorry my bad English



hi m8
thanks for the reply
I tried these processes in hiperterminal not do anything

to make the boot press ENTER but not do anything
I tried several programs but not do anything too box


No serial conection with red led... may be hard fault. I don´t know how it says in English, in Spanish is a "condesador" fault into "fuente de alimentación". Sorry for my English.



recover kathy

Hi mates

Those with problem trying to recover kathrein should try this i have tested it on a number of occasions and it works.

Your need hyper terminal if u are running vista then download from someone with xp or do web search.
also have ready null modem cable and ethernet crossover cable.

Bad Flash Repair If Kathiup Wont Flash it. crossover is easiest. PC - kathi.

It requires:
1 = Nullmodemcabel and existing com port on your PC / laptop
2 = Crossover cable
3 = Hyperterminal (xp only found in "start, programs, accessories, Communications"
4 = Tftpd32.303
5 = Emergeny.ub
6 = Original_1.05_Notfallimage
7 = Bootable usb stick with fat32 formatted

Now's it ....

1 = Download files, "" unpack to "c:emergency"

2 = The file "emergency.ub" to "c: emergency" copy

3 = When her "Original_1.05_Notfallimage" unpacked to USB STICK "?:/kathrein/ufs910" = 6 x.Img files.

5 = connect kathi directly with your pc / laptop via crossovercable

6 = on PC go to , control panel/ network connections/ & right click local area connection & select properties. Also disable any other connections like satellite card etc

7 = find "internet protocol(TCP/IP)" click on it then select properties

8 = click Use the Following IP address

Gateway and dns-server remain EMPTY!

9 = Click "OK" button (reboot maybe required?)

10 = Stop all firewalls and antivirus programs (not just turn off!)

11 = Now also connect kathy via a nullmodemcable to your pc / laptop

11 = Start program tftpd32 (tftpd32.exe)

12= Under server interfaces select ""

13 = click "browse" and your select folder "c: emergency" and "ok"

14 = Then click "settings" select "browse" and select "c: emergency" and "ok"

15 = leave tftpd32 running

16 = Start Hyperterminal

17 = when The small window opens click "cancel" to close

18 = select FILE / properties

19 = connect using COM1 or whatever your serial port is on

20 = Then select "Configure" button and in the the newly opened window:

Bits per second: 115200
Data Bits: 8
Parity: None
Stop bits: 1
Flow Control: none

21 = click "Ok" to confirm

22 = Hyperterminal is now ready for data exchange with the kathi!

23 = Switch Kathi on by a rear power switch while pressing "enter" button of your pc / laptop repeatedly to pause kathi's

Boot process!

24 = If Done Correctly hyperterminal should a few entries to be seen in the last lines, and the cursor blinks at


(Retry If this Isnt on the screen!)

The following are just typed in at the promt And after each line press "enter" to confirm and wait till erase finishes

followed by next line between each part

erase a0200000 a029ffff (PRESS ENTER)
erase a02a0000 a04dffff (PRESS ENTER)
erase a04e0000 a0adffff (PRESS ENTER)
erase A0C00000 A0ffffff (PRESS ENTER)

25 =When finished switch off box

26 = Switch Kathi on by a rear power switch while pressing "enter" button of your pc / laptop repeatedly to pause kathi's

Boot process!

27 = If Done Correctly hyperterminal should a few entries to be seen in the last lines, and the cursor blinks at


(Retry If this Isnt on the screen!)

28 = Type these into hyperterminal again one line at a time following by (enter)

Set ipaddr (press enter)
Set serverip (press enter)
TFTP a4000000 emergency.ub (press enter)

29 = If everything worked hyperterminal will show "loading:
########..." And at the end "done", You should have lots of "#" and no "T"

30 = Plug Usb stick in the front usb port.

31 = Hyperterminal the following followed by (enter)

Bootm a4000000

32 = Kathi should display "update"(Lasts approximately 5-6 Min.)

36 = Close Hyperterminal & tftpd

37 = After successful flashing Remove usb-stick.

Now you have Origonal 1.05 Image on kathi kathi.

Once back to this version you can move forward to e2 images and BA with usb stick




you guys if you lived local i would tell you to come round my home ive recovered my box about 7 times now i could help


hi all i realise this is an old post on here , but i need some advice has anyone got an old katherein ufs910 for sale cheap..i need a tuner for one as mine seems to go low gain on the higher freqs mainly when it warms up....hd chs effected first..i have an old open box which i plugged into same dish an no problems, but i love to get my kathy working again.or does any one one know where to source parts from?
thanks in advance guys