Guides HowTo make some tip and tricks on your dreambox .


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Guides HowTo make some tip and tricks on your dreambox .

HDD in your 5620

Thanks to PCD fror this tasty contribution...

Being a poor 5620 owner, I use the following method for recording on pc and playback (found to be better than other methods like mtuxvision and mgrab). I tried it with Gemini1.04. :-


(1) Create another user dream with username and passwd both dream.
(2) Create shared directory c:\dreambox\movie
(3) Download and install VLC player. Link .mpg and .ts files to VLC player.


(4) Download plugin CIFS. (included in Gemini 3.1)
(5) In expert settings-comm-blue button-select the following (See Attachment 'CIFS Howto' for more help).

PC ip
local dir -hdd (if that doesn't work try /mnt/hdd)
tick "automount"
leave the rest

To record

(6) Video button followed by Radio button.
To stop recording, press TV button.
To see timer menu press Radio button again.

To watch on TV

(7) Dream-File mode-root-hdd-movie - select file OK.

Hope it works for you. Regards, pcd.

Hi i am here for experiment and educational purpose only.
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How to Network

Just a few pointers to those having problems:
After your image has been installed you might want to put on new settings etc.
For this you would need to go to the expert setup, choose communication.
There you have various options. The screenshot shows a working network configuration.
My computer is connected directly to the Dreambox (no router in between).
I have set my computer to be, and the box I always use
WhyClick here to enlarge don't know, just seemed to be a good Idea. So every time I put in a new image these settings have to be re-entered.
Idiot Guide Trick: To make things easier when setting it up, provided your computer is on and the LAN connected:
Go to the communication menu, and instead of entering all the IP stuff just tick the DHCP box and the "Enable Network", save the changes by pressing the green button, exit all the menus.
Then go back to the communication menu, and all you need to do is untick the DHCP box,
and change the last number of the IP. Save it and finished!


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updating Keys for Newcamd

First you must ftp the new versions of the files as follows:

S*ca2 to var/keys

keylist to var/scce

Click on properties for each file when uploaded and change attributes to 755

The latest key files can be found here
Keys section

Note by TG: As this thread is getting older this link might not be active anymore.
However if one goes to the links section in this forum one might find lots of sites where keys can be found.
Also, many of the new versions of newcamd have the keys in var/tuxbox/scce


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Add a record button to a DM500s remote

There is no "record" button on a DB500s remote control so you can only record using the timer function. But a record button can be "added" by modifying the rcdmxxx5.xml file (and as I recently flashed my DB I lost the record button and had to remember how to do it... hence this post).

Anyway, copy the rcdmxxx5.xml file from /share/tuxbox/enigma/resources/rcdm5xxx.xml and save it to your PC.

Make a backup of it.

Use the "edit > find" facility to search for RECORD and make the following change:


<action name="record" key="record" flags="m" />


<action name="record" key="mute" flags="m" />

After editing it save it to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma/resources/ as the original file is read-only () and can't be chmod'd with an FTP program.

You can now use the mute button when in DVR mode (the yellow button) to as a record button on a DM500s remote.


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How to use SBCL with a Dreambox


It is possible to watch TPS with a Dreambox. To do this you need to install SBCL/ vplug on your PC
and to modify a config file on your Dreambox. You will then to put the new TPS files onto your PC each day.

This guide will use CCcam; it is possible to use other cams if you modify the relevant config file
(See appendix not done yet).


1. Download SBCL/ vplug from here:

_ here to enlargeaction=preview&pid=101399

or from your preferred satellite download site.

2. Download the latest TPS files from your preferred satellite download site.

3. Find your router here:


PC Setup

1. Install SBCL and amend the path in plugins\vplugin.ini to match
2. Put the latest TPS.bin, tps_fns and v_tps.db into the plugins folder
3. Start SBCL (click on the SBCL .exe)
4. Click on the tuner tab and enter your Dreambox IP address
5. Set protocol to newcamd
6. Click the START button
7. Select vplug from the menu bar and select ACTIVE
8. Select vplug from the menu and select SHOW MONITOR

Dreambox setup

1. Install CCcam if not already done.
2. FTP /var/etc/CCcam.cfg to your PC
3. Add this line to your config file usng your IP address (do a FIND on SBCL in the file):

N: 6001 test test 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14

4. FTP CCcam.cfg back to /var/etc/ on your Dreambox

Date/ time.

1. Open a telnet session to your Dreambox.
2. Type date
3. Set your PC to the same time as your Dreambox

Router setup- optional

You may need to configure you router for port forwarding on port 6001.
Setup forwarding on this port to your PC's IP address.

For details on how to do this for your router see here:



You may need to enable port 6001. For some reason I had to allow port 1034.


With SBCL running on your PC, go to a TPS channel and set CCcam as the default cam.

In the vplug Monitor/ SBCL window you should now see SBCL sending the keys to your Dreambox
and you should be able to watch TPS channels


Stop SBCL and put the latest tps_fns and v_tps.db files into the plugins folder.
Restart SBCL.


You need to update tps_fns and v_tps.db on a daily basis.

please post them in the Dreambox General Section.


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How to setup your Dreambox network configuration.


This is how to set up your Dreambox so that it has access to the Internet and will allow you
to FTP keys to it from a Windows PC on your home network.
This example uses the Gemini image so you may need to modify it to fit the menus etc.
on your image. It assumes you have already set up your home network.

IP Addresses

For this example I will use these IP addresses:

router :
Dreambox :

The Dreambox and PC must be within the same IP range e.g. 192.168.0.n


On your remote control press Menu > 6 > Expert Setup > Communication Setup

You will see a screen similar to the first attachment. Enter values for

IP = your Dreambox IP address
Netmask =
Type = LAN
Nameserver = you ISP's DNS server IP address
Gateway = your router IP address
Enable = checked

The IP address for the nameserver is the IP address of your ISP's DNS server (nameserver).
To find this, on your PC click

START > run > cmd

Then type ipconfig /all to get a listing of the configuration of all your network interfaces.
Note the two DNS Servers as marked in the second attachment below. Enter your value as the nameserver.

Save and reboot your Dreambox.

Does it WorkClick here to enlarge

Open a new command prompt window on your PC:

START > run > cmd

and enter


You will get a reply if all is well, similar to that shown in the third attachment.

If you get a no-reply message you may need to add the Dreambox IP address to you Firewall
or router as a Trusted Zone (check your documentation).


Some of these options are slightly different for a 7025.

To get to the communication setup page select

Main Menu > Setup > System > Network

From there, you have two choices - Device and Nameserver Setup.
There is no need to change the nameserver as the defaults work fine.

When you press "Device Setup" select the ethernet port you want to setup.
Most people will only have eth0, but it still needs to be selected.

You then have an option which says "Use DHCP" with "yes" or "no" right arrow key options.
Only if you select "no" will you then be offered a menu to setup your IP address, netmask and gateway.
If you choose DHCP then this is set up for you (if you have a router acting as a DHCP server).

remember to substitute your IP addresses

This "how-to" is based on Klona's guide as listed in the index.

Thanks to billnot for 7025 information.


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Example of how to edit and update the daily Multivision ('tpscrypt') key change.

Firstly with 'newcamd'

We need to locate, as in FTP, the 'tpscrypt' file the path is... 'var/scce/tpscrypt'

The opening Tuxbox screen may differ depending on its last use, but, in this example to edit the 'tps' file,
look for it on the left side and with the 'up' and 'down' buttons of the remote, highlight the file named 'var' and press 'ok'.
(The opening screen may be different and you can already see the 'scce' file or even further advanced and can see the 'tpscrypt' file.)

If after 'var', from the new files displayed highlight the file 'scce' and press 'ok'.

Next screen, highlight the file 'tpscrypt' but DO NOT press 'ok' on the remote.

Referring to the options at the foot of the screen ('1-rights', '2-rename', '3-view' etc which are not highlightable),
and after ensuring the 'tpscrypt' file is highlighted, press '4' on the remote control, this takes you into the '4-edit' mode.

Scroll down to the desired line you wish to edit, in this case the line beginning '007c00:01:etc'....highlight it and press 'ok'.

The line is NOW active and anything you touch on the remote will result in a change to the file, does not matter too much if you make an error as you have an option (see later) to deny the changes you have made. ****Good job as I have made many!!!

Using the 'right' button on the remote move along the line to where the amended keys are to start, in this instance after ' 007c00:01:', so that the red position indicator sits over the first key (letter/number) to be edited.
This 'tps' key needs the 32 (16x2) keys replaced.

If you refer to the foot of the screen you will see what letters/numbers/symbols etc are represented by the number pressed on the remote control, ie: for an 'a' '2' on the remote control once.
for a 'b' '2' on the remote control twice.
for a 'c' '2' on the remote control three times.
for a '2' '2' on the remote control four times.

After you have entered a key value, the next entry YOU make will automatically be inserted to the right of the previous entry, ie: correct place and no need for you to move to the right using the remote.
There is an exception, and it must be mentioned that, say for example, the keys 'bc' need to be entered, that after you have entered the 'b' and before you enter the 'c' you WILL have to move, using the remote 'right' button, one to the right, then enter the 'c'....this is because (look at the foot of the screen) that the 'b' and 'c' values are both obtained using the number '2' on the remote and if not moved manually to the right the 'b' input is overwritten with 'c'.

**clear as mud, never mind that is why I suggest an image back up prior to editing or until the prog is fully understood.

To sum up, to enter 'bc' :

a)press '2' on the remote twice = 'b'
b)press the 'right' button on the remote once (moves the red indicator one space to the right)
c)press '2' on the remote three times = 'c'

Follow this style thoughout the line remembering to put a space after every second input (obtained by using the 'right' on the remote). I find it easy to follow the old existing keys and position the 'red' indicator accordingly (ie: overwriting) .

When you have entered the 32 (16x2) keys press the 'ok' button and then visually check that you have made the correct editing required. If not, and you spot an error, simply ensure the offending line is highlighted and press the 'ok' button to re-enter the edit mode.

After all is checked press the red 'Exit' button and then select the 'yes' option on the nextscreen display.
If you select 'No', NONE of your input will be saved, ie: you have done no damage/alterations and are free to start again!

Then again press 'Exit' and select 'yes'. This takes you back to the 'Plugins' selection screen.

Job done, restart your cam, in this instance 'newcamd' and you will, if all is ok, see your required Multivision channel.

If the channel/s do not appear to work there are rare times that you will/may have to set/change the rights/chmod to the amended file, as you do with FTP ie: 755 etc.

With TuxBox Commander open, highlight the file JUST edited, ie: 'tpscrypt', and, as shown at the bottom of the screen, press number '1' on the remote to enter the 'rights' mode. Here you can see the permissions, indicated by either a green or a red square, to change the value highlight the line in question and change the colour from red to green by pressing 'ok' on the remote, at times it is necessary to go to the top one, alter that to red then back to green, then move to the others to change those to green. ALL progs have their quirks and this is no exception!!
After this select 'ok' ON THE SCREEN then press 'ok' on the remote to accept.


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Next...with emu 'camd3' (found in path 'var/keys/camd3.keys')

As above open TuxBox Commander, you will see that the opening screen is the one that you last used.
To get to the required 'camd3.keys' file, highlight the two dots '..' at the left of the screen and press 'ok' on the remote.
Scroll up to 'keys', highlight and press 'ok', then scroll down to 'camd3.keys',
highlight and DO NOT press 'ok' but instead press number '4' on remote to enter the edit mode
(same as when editing 'tpscrypt' file above).

The 'camd3.keys' file is obviously very large with so many op keys, scroll down to find, in this case,
under the heading '********', then key line '0500:007c00:0000000000:80 etc etc' (take care that it is the correct line,
in this instance, for the daily 'TPS' change). Highlight the line and press ok on the remote to enter the live edit mode.

With this softcam you only need to edit the 32 key line WITHOUT spaces, unlike the 'tpscrypt' file in newcamd.
When complete press 'ok' then 'Exit', then select 'yes' to save. Now, if you wish,
you can check the rights by pressing mumber '1' on the remote. If all are green then select 'ok' and press 'ok' on remote, press 'Exit' on remote, select 'yes' and press 'ok' on remote.

May need to restart your softcam as normal, selecting your preferred , through the blue button.


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Example of how to... ADD A NEW LINE to an existing file, in this case... 'constantcw'.
Recently, two lines of provider keys etc for the 2x Red Light channels at 13ºE, needed to be added to the 'constantcw' file.

Copy MANUALLY the contents/amendments that you wish to ADD to your EXISTING 'constantcw' file,
ie: the new details if your Dreambox is not connected to Internet or, situated elsewhere.

Firstly with 'newcamd'

Open 'TuxBox Commander' and follow the path to the file via:

a) 'var/scce/constantcw'
cool.gif Highlight 'constantcw' then press '4 Edit' with remote control
c) Green button.. 'Insert Line' command on remote- add the two SEPERATE lines for the two channels.
d) 'Exit' on the remote and 'save' as previously advised above....

The file in existence already contained the working 'cw' lines for the MTV's etc at 19ºE, so only had to use the 'Insert Line' feature.

......and finished!

Next with emu 'camd3' (although slightly different data input) but opening line and path to the file via:

a) 'var/keys/camd3.keys'
cool.gif,c)and d), as above.

Main point....YES had to obtain the 'cw' file info, but editing/updating all done with no internet connection/FTP etc,
is found to be very useful for those folk who do not have the Dreambox permanently connected to the PC.

Again the above is based on using Gemini 2.6 but basically same on DaVinci etc, depending on your placement of keys.

Have indicated the two commonly used softcams but MGCamd,Evocamd, Scam, Camx, F Biss, ****,
can all be handled.

If you simply want to look at the files and their contents but NOT edit, highlight the file and
(referring to the menu on bottom of screen) press '3' on the remote to 'view' danger at all of any editing in error!


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Guide to Emu's and their respective key directories/ paths to edit files:

Newcamd: = 'var/scce/constantcw,keylist,rsakeylist,tpscrypt'
or = 'var/tuxbox/scce/constantcw,keylist,rsakeylist,tpscrypt' ....depending on Dreambox/image.

Camd3: = 'var/keys/camd3.keys'

Biss: = 'var/keys/biss_key'

Evocamd: = 'var/keys/Autoupdate.Key' and 'Keylist.txt'

MGcamd: = 'var/keys/AutoRoll.Key' and 'SoftCam.Key'

CamX: = 'var/keys/SoftCam.Key'

Scam: = 'var/keys/******,nagra,seca,tps,via' etc

****: = 'var/keys/******,nagra,seca,tps,via' etc


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There are lots of other things which you will pick up with trial and error and you will certainly get to know the correct paths for the softcam files!!

LAST COMMENT - Do NOT forget to protect yourself by backing up your image before you edit, think this is good practice whatever prog/plugin you use with the Dreambox.

Hope you derive some learning and satisfaction from this great plugin.

Would appreciate constructive critisism and updates/additions on this posting for peoples easier use. - please PM remarks or open a new thread in the Dreambox section!

All said and done the Dreambox is a truly fantastic receiver.


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How to Find your Dreambox Pin using Tuxbox Commander

For whatever reason, there may be a pin code set on your dreambox.
Sometimes this is done to keep nosey people changing settings and
messing things up. It’s also used to block certain channels if you don’t
want the kids accessing them (if you know that I mean).

If you forget that pin, usually you would flash an image that you know
doesn’t have the pin code set.

Or…you can use the tuxbox commander plugin to get the pin.
Most images have this plugin and it’s accessable via the plugins
menu, usually yellow or blue button.

Go to /var/tuxbox/config/enigma…

There’s a file called config

View it and look for lines like…


These are hex numbers. Use your windows calculator in Scientific mode,
click on Hex, enter the value in your file (last 4 numbers, not with the
zeros in front of them), click Dec and that will be your pin.


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How to Connect your Dreambox to your PC

You might want to connect your dreambox to your PC for a number
of reasons; stream MP3s or movies from your PC to the dreambox,
record from the dreambox to a shared folder on your PC, to update
the image, services or bouquets, etc.

What is needed
If your dreambox is going to be connected straight to your PC then
you will need a crossover ethernet cable. This is not the same as a
standard patch ethernet cable that you get with your router or cable
modem, the send and receive wires are crossed, hence the name.
This cable is more commonly used to connect ethernet equipped
PCs together without a hub or router. But we need it to connect
to the dreambox as well.

Configuring your PC
One side of the crossover cable needs to be connected to your PC,
obviously. Most PCs only have one ethernet connection and it’s usually
used for the internet connection. It’s advisable to buy a second network
card and keep it solely for the use of the dreambox, these are about £5
from your local computer shop. But this guide will show you how to
connect it to you existing ethernet connection.

I’m using Windows XP Pro but the steps may be different for other
operating systems.

Go to the Control Panel then Network Connections. Find the ethernet
connection that you would use for your internet. Right click it and select
Properties. Scroll down to ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’ and select Properties.
If you do use this connection for your internet then it should have the
‘Obtain an ip address automatically’ selected. Change the settings so
that it looks like this…


Select OK and reboot your PC. Remember at this point you will not have
any internet access so make sure you have a copy of all the guides and
tools that you need. Or connect your modem via USB.

Configuring your Dreambox
I will use an enigma image in this example, neutrino can also be used
and the same values should be used although the menus may look
different and be in a different place.

Go to Menu > Setup > Expert Setup > Communication Setup

Change the settings to look like this…


Select Save and exit from the other menus.

Connecting to the Dreambox
To connect to the dreambox we are going to use an FTP Client. There
are many programs available for this, FlashFXP, CuteFTP, Filezilla and
SmartFTP are some examples. For this guide we are going to use FlashFXP.

Once you’ve downloaded it, run the flashfxp.exe file and the program will load.

In the left window is where the dreambox file system will appear after we
connect. In the right window is your PC file system. Treat both windows
like any other windows explorer window. To transfer files between the
dreambx and PC, cimply drag the file from one window to the other and
wait for it to transfer. The bottom left window shows a history of the files
transferred and the progress of current files during transfer.

Near the top, on the toolbar, you should see an icon with a lightening strike
on it, click it and choose ‘Quick connect’ (you can also press F8 on your
keyboard). Configure the options to look like this…


Server or URL:

Username: root

Password: dreambox

Port: 21

Click Connect.

You should now see the file system of the dreambox on the left,
i.e. /bin, /dev, /etc, /hdd, /sbin, /var, etc etc.

Source: dreamboxtips.