Hello guys, just playing with new toy is an Android 7 Magicsee C300 Hybrid, DVB S2, T and C, well the IPTV side with Kodi works great, when I tried the DVB S2 side the Blind Scan it is pretty descent, search online found a hidden menu, in the hidden menu I found Newcam, CCamd, and GScam, I first thought I read it wrong but I checked and it is GScam, below that setting is BI$$, I checked BI$$ entered Keys manually took me a while to understand how that STB works with BI$$ but finally got it working, it needs a lot less info for BI$$ to work, it doesn't need SID only needs the TP Frequency H or V no symbol rate needed and VID is needed, the VID you get it from the channel, just go to the BI$$ channel press info and will tell you the VID, after the VID you enter the keys, all the channels on that TP that uses the same keys work perfectly, I exported what I could but no info at all on how GScam works........................any ideas?
The file I exported it is named by receiver as.............BissAndPowervuKey.cfg..............exactly like that I didn't alter any case sensitive letters.....Thanks in advance TP