FMD Image 0.1 Pre Alpha

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FMD Image-r13559-USB-0.1 (Cuberevo USB Image)

Based on the SIF-Team Image 0.5.0 firmware with the DGS-R13559 I once did some feasibility studies. On EXT2/3-USB-Stick unpack and start multiboot.

1)In manual call to the info box with the info button it stays on channel change with the PG + / - buttons while standing until it is closed manually. This is also when the expanded info box (program information) is open. If it is used to change the channel block of ten, the info box to the set insertion time is closed. Scroll through the program guide still high with arrow / down.

2)Show the expanded item information for the current and following each mission under the program name. For this, the skin with the new variable "program_short_desc_now" and "program_short_desc_next" modified.

3)Taken based on the SIF team image the German translations of the same DGS-image.

4)Single channel EPG as a standard. In the future, always the last EPG view when you open the EPG display.

It will follow some, it allows my time.

Have fun

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