FMD 0.2 USB for Cuberevo 9000HD

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Date: 09.01.2011
Name: FMD
Version: 0.2
Based on SIF/DGS R13559

* Do NOT use other skins with this image
* USB version
* Only for Cuberevo 9000HD and OEMs

* Modified layout of the infobox to display the short descritpions of the now and next event.

* A manually opened infobox now stays permanent open over channel changings made with the PG+/- key also with an opened extendend infobox. If channel change is done by numeric key input, the box closes again after the default time.

* New designed recorded media list with more informations.

* New designed scheduled recordings list with more informations.

* Replaced duration with end time for scheduled recordings. Can be found on the new designed scheduled recordings list, modification and creation of an entry and on the end time setting for running recordings which is called with the blue key.

* Added the TSIDs 8 and 10 for correct encoding of the new channels:
Sky Cinema Hits HD, Sky Action HD, Sky Sport HD 2, History HD, NatGeo HD, Disney Cinemagic HD

* Fix of time and date strings for more equality.

* Fixed german translations and added missing.

** HAVE FUN **

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