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A old article resurrected for reference (as some members continue to use old names, some may simply use the name their receiver displays etc). If you have similar articles from other satellite renaming and the date it was published please add it here :thum:

Eutelsat has unified the names of its satellites with the Eutelsat brand. As of March 1st 2012 the Group’s satellites all take the Eutelsat name, with the relevant figure for their orbital position and a letter indicating their order of arrival at that position. This logical pattern enables our user community to immediately identify where a satellite is located and its chronology at the neighbourhood it occupies.

For example, W6 at 21.5° East is now called EUTELSAT 21A, and the future W6A satellite becomes EUTELSAT 21B. To ensure clarity, satellites at Eutelsat’s four West positions include West in their name. For example, ATLANTIC BIRD™ 2 has become EUTELSAT 8 West A.

Eutelsat’s HOT BIRD brand, which over 20 years has acquired an established reputation in the satellite TV industry, is retained and associated with the Eutelsat brand and numbering system.


12.5 degrees West ATLANTIC BIRD™ 1 EUTELSAT 12 West A
8 degrees West ATLANTIC BIRD™ 2 EUTELSAT 8 West A
7 degrees West ATLANTIC BIRD™ 7 EUTELSAT 7 West A
5 degrees West ATLANTIC BIRD™ 3 EUTELSAT 5 West A
3 degrees East EUTELSAT 3A EUTELSAT 3A
3 degrees East EUTELSAT 3C EUTELSAT 3C
7 degrees East W3A EUTELSAT 7A
9 degrees East EUROBIRD™ 9A EUTELSAT 9A
9 degrees East KA-SAT EUTELSAT KA-SAT 9A
10 degrees East W2A EUTELSAT 10A
13 degrees East HOT BIRD 6 EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 13A
13 degrees East HOT BIRD 8 EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 13B
13 degrees East HOT BIRD 9 EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 13C
16 degrees East W3C EUTELSAT 16A
16 degrees East EUROBIRD™ 16 EUTELSAT 16B
16 degrees East SESAT 1 EUTELSAT 16C
21.5 degrees East W6 EUTELSAT 21A
25.5 degrees East EUROBIRD™ 2 EUTELSAT 25A
28.5 degrees East EUROBIRD™ 1 EUTELSAT 28A
33 degrees East EUROBIRD™ 3 EUTELSAT 33A
36 degrees East W4 EUTELSAT 36A
36 degrees East W7 EUTELSAT 36B
48 degrees East W48 EUTELSAT 48A
70.5 degrees East W5 EUTELSAT 70A

Third-party satellites (SESAT 2, TELECOM 2D, TELSTAR 12) will not change their name.



3 degrees East EUTELSAT 3B EUTELSAT 3B
7 degrees East W3D EUTELSAT 7B
9 degrees East EUROBIRD™ 9B EUTELSAT 9B
21.5 degrees East W6A EUTELSAT 21B
25.5 degrees East EUROBIRD™ 2A EUTELSAT 25B
70.5 degrees East W5A EUTELSAT 70B

March 5, 2012


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German satellite positions that were later acquired by Astra & Eutelsat.

DFS-Kopernikus 1: 23.5° East, later moved to 33.5° East (1989–1994)
DFS-Kopernikus 2: 28.5° East (1990–2000)
DFS-Kopernikus 3: 23.5° East (1992–2002)