DVRFlash Version 2.5


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DVRFlash Version 2.5
Version 2.5 of DVRFlash has been released by Agent Smith

version 2.5 - "Adding current drives" release

New features:
DVR-111 support
o DVR-112 support
o DVR-115 support
o DVR-212 support
o DVR-215 support
o Additional check sum test
o Major internal cleanup

Known problems:

o DOS version not tested yet
o Linux version not used for flashing yet, drive detection works fine
o MAC version seems to have drive detection problems if several
internal and external drives are connected.
v2.2 and probably all previous releases have the same problem

The supported platforms are:

o Windows, *ALL* versions (Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista)
o Linux
o Mac
o Dos

This tool will allow:

- anybody with a Pioneer OEM drive to flash to a true Pioneer drive and back (provided you have the kernel for the OEM firmware)
- to get rid of Pioneer's UPGDVD annoying limitations, like anti downgrade. If you're bugged by Pioneer's UPGDVD!
- to flash USB or FireWire drives

DVRFlash -f X: Firmware file (Flash same model firmware to the drive)
DVRFlash -ff X: kernel file firmware file (crossflash. i.e force flash option)

example of DVR-215 Where drive letter is D:

DVRFlash.exe -f D: S0014001.118
DVRFlash.exe -ff D: S0014000.118 S0014001.118

Please note crossflashing is done at the risk of the USER

DVRFlash 2.5 Website