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New Dragon team image based on the latest official image
var - 2.0MB

1. Fixed script to addon doawnload in menuxml plugin because board change adress.
2. New na-start.sh, now after emu restart you don't need to change channel to see picture.
3. Fixed downloading web interface from internet browser
4. New xml plugin, thx @magumagu for new option
5. New position in backup option "Restore all setup" This position give us possibility restore all setup.
a. creating keys and setting copy on USB or HDD
b. intall image
c. set network adress
d. download xmlmenu
e. restore all setup

6. opptimalisation xmlmenu
a. now xml check after 10 run if is new version.
b. new option Q czyli closing plugin
c. new option L czy light line. in peers
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