Dm100s Main V0200s

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DM100S MAIN V0200S 30JAN2009

In this version,

Updated CCCAM,

Updated CCCAM Multiple servers,

Changed CCCAM servers to 5 servers,

Able to on/off emulator on CCCAM by 'remote emus',

- recommend to stay 'off' on 'remote emus' for better quality.

Channel data is compatible with any later versions since Ver2.00S,

Able to share channel list with your friends,

- no other information will be included in your channel list.

Go into Main menu by pressing 'Menu button' directly without setting Antenna,

Automatic factory reset when s/w updated,

Update Astra/ Hotbird TP info,

Able to input Nagra key upto 16bytes,

Duplicated channels in network scan fixed,

Teletext fixed,
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