Discovery-backed GB News to launch in New Year


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Arqiva secures GB News distribution contract'

A mix of traditional fibre and cloud-based connectivity will deliver new UK news channel GB News.

Arqiva will distribute the new launch to all major UK platforms including Freeview, Sky, Virgin Media, YouView and Freesat, reaching more than 96% of British television households.

GB News wants to bring a different perspective to UK news coverage where it will compete against Sky News and BBC News channel.


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GB News is still to raise the $55-$65 million needed to launch the project
its not petty change we are talking about so i gather this will be put on the "long finger" for a number of reasons including the current pandemic and requirements of further investment its not like Sky can afford to toss 50 odd million @ any project right now since they are still licking their wounds after the latest failed attempt PPV EPL Football Scam scandal :eek:

i would not hold my breath on this happening until probably near the end of this year if ever things will start to get back to any sort of normality : )


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ITV had to pull the plug on their news channel: is there a viable 3rd 24x7 news channel “committed to impartial journalism” in the UK?