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Hello everyone,

I am a reader of this forum more than an active writer.
Though this time I decided to ask a question opening a new topic as I can’t find anything “technical” around google.
To be precise I am not looking on having anything, just pure knowledge!
Does anyone know the difference among skies from ITA UK and DE ?
I always believed they are all the same company (just different country) and of course different channels and languages.
Going to a technical difference, what differences are in place in “decrypting” the signals ?
It’s known that DE is basically fully opened (not a surprise knowing that DM boxes were invented in Germany) using *cam.
I don’t understand whether this just marketing (i.e. certain countries preventing this from happening ) or if there a real
Technical difference.
I know a bit the basics of the DES/3DES algorithm. But I’d like to understand more why these 3 are not “walking” together as decryption phase.

Is there anyone that can help ?

BR Galioto
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Different countries, different rules. Basicly same system for N*D*S.
Main difference is N*D*S and N*D*S express.

roby baggio

Sky UK is the mother package and the italian and german packages have been modeled to look like the british one
Quality wise i think sky italia is by far the best of the three


German SKY uses different N-D-S card generations. Older card is in operation with short 8 byte CWPK key. It is called K1 key. And it is only single CWPK (Unique pairing/K1) key.
Newer cards use 16 byte keys (2 different keys, K1 & K2).

As a result, single 8 byte key can be found via bruteforce attack, it compares a valid CW and a invalid CW from own card without valid K1.
This attack is impossible with 16 byte key (and don't forget, newer card has 2 keys instead of 1 single key).

8 Byte key has 16 characters from 0-9 and A-F (hex).
So the easiest key can be 0000000000000001 and the worst key is FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

Newer cards with 16 byte K1 and K2 keys have 32 characters for each key.

Standard home computer needs up to 365 days for a K1 key calculation with 8 byte key.....and für 16 byte keys it needs 100.000 years.
But modern high performace computer clusters (can be rented at services like crack.sh or vast.ai with approx. 100 TFLOPs) need 5-10 days for 8 byte key but still 10.000 years for 16 byte key.

And don't forget. Old card has DES and newer cards use 3DES.
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