CCCam on Samsung 9500

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Conect sammy with your PC.

In sammy you must check this:
Go to emulator menu [0+menu]
and put this setup there:
Emulator State - ON
Emm State - ON
Sharing Mode - Hsic
That is all in you box.

Now we going in your PC.
Uznip TrumanShare_1.0.19 CCcam Plugin in your desktop.
In TrumanShare_1.0.19 folder exist plugin folder,
and tehre is Flycccam.cfg file.
Un this file you must write your c-lines from your servers.
For this you must use some txt editor like a UltrEdit.
When you write c-lines you can start TrumanShare.exe.
Here you must select comport [in my case that is comport 2].
Also you must select Hsic protokol and that is all setup.

You can see pictures for more info.

I tested all channels on HB, and i must says all channels work.

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Only for info,
this combination work also with hadu plugin.
All is the same only in plugin folder you must
delete flycccam plugin and there copy
ini and dll files from hadu,
and ofcourse you must write c lines in ini file.

I tested last night only with last samsung emu,
and must says all channels work [HB],
but don't work very well.:(
If someone can tested this with oldest emu,
especially with 7.5, maybe work better.


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TrumanShare version with non stopping Flycccam tested since one hour ago ;)

EmuRevGold 8.2 by Mahdi
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