Blu-ray sales hit record in Japan


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Blu-ray sales hit record in Japan

Japan is known as a country were a product or a gadget reaches a huge group of people in a very short time. The Japanese write books on their mobile phones and use mobile internet like it's been there for a century. So, if Blu-ray sales hit a record, than that must be in Japan. The Blu-ray Disc Association claims that the format has gained 18.2% share in the total video market sales in Japan last month.

GfK Japan obtained the data that makes the BDA believe that their format is sold more and more on the Asian island. After a period of decline in December and January, February showed a 18.2% share. DVD remains to be the dominant optical storage medium for entertainment with a 80.5% share. Blu-ray's former competitor HD DVD still represents 2-3% of the total sales, claims the Blu-ray Disc Association.

Back in September Blu-ray's share was a mere 1.3%... What a few months can do to a format, it can die, or it can grow.