BACK up SERVER UBUNTU , it s possibile ?


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Hi , masters LINUX , i have a question , it s possibile : back up HDD SERVER UBUNTU ( KUBUNTU ) 9.0.4 ? How ? Please many details or tutorial . Thanks , in advance .
ps: i need tutorial back up , full server , no back up cccam.cfg ( i know save cccam.cfg daily )


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no need to back up hole system if you know what to back up.....

easy way to do is like this for you.....

open the terminal on your pc


you should see

[email protected]:~$ if the screen show up like this u must login as root to login as root

type sudo -i press enter

enter your passworld

you should see

[email protected]:~# like this (pls note in first time if the terminal show all ready like this you dont need to do sudo -i)

now type

sudo apt-get install sbackup press enter

pc will start downloading the packages then will ask you
do you want to continue y/n: y

after this will install all you need...

after open the
system-administration now you will see simple backup config

now follow the option and backup what you want ,,,,,you can backup only same directory's any time you want daily-weekly so on

or backup hole system is up to you


other option is

install on your other windows pc or laptop winscp program

this will allow you to login remotely no need you to turn on your linux pc monitor or not even you need a monitor attached to your linux server ....

login with winscp

you will see all directories listed in your server and all folder now copy what you want from there or what files you need just drag and drop to your desktop and keep it safe .....

so next time if same think goes wrong and you need to change the ubuntu version time to time

you can make a clean installation on ubuntu server using the life cd

after you can copy this files (wich is you copy with winscp to your windows pc before)

now you ready to go

i hope this will help for you ...