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...with Azup

1 - downloadlatest RTI image
2 -In the package there is a folder called "BackToOfficial" ( in this folder you find a patch.e2 file wich is 6,50 mb )
3 - Start up Azup 2.13 set ipadress form box and press:

GO under installE2/Kernel

Azup will test if box is in resque mode ( if it's not in resque mode it will reboot the box in resque mode then you have to start step 1 again )

4 - Azup will ask for the patch.e2 file, select the file from the BackToOfficial folder ( 6,5mb)
5 - Azup will load the patch file when done the box reboots in normal upgrade mode there you can select option4 ( format application arrea ) and then 1 install usb ( off course at this step you need the patch.bin file from the MOF firmware on usb


How to : Back to Official Firmware

Extract file patch.e2 from Back_to_Official_FW.rar archive. Use AzUP 2.0.1 , after operations are finished, You will have standard Official Firmware Update screen, where You can press by RCU, USB Update etc.

So this is only if You want back to Official Firmware - post no. 8


JaZUp 2.2 by Hectore and Pr2


We are pleased to release today JaZUp 2.2.
Enjoy your safe Azbox flashing.

Main update:
- support for ext4
- full support for the GIT compiled kernel

Please read the attached .PDF it is important to understand what are the impacts of the ext4 options for you. This will avoid that you ask questions on forum.

Originally Posted by Change log 2.2
change log:
- New GIT compiled kernel detection and full support
- Added support for ext4 only on GIT based compiled kernel
---****> please READ the attached Manual since ext4 has an impact for you <<<---
- Current 1.1.12 RTi released version is not recognised has ext4 compatible since the kernel is "old style": this is not a bug.

- Allows users having used FW4USB to return to official firmware in DOM without bricking their Azbox (error: connect as...).
- More languages added: Catalan, Polish, Greek and Chinese - now support 11 languages.

- Support for the new patch.e2 file format
- Multilingual user interface and messages
- patch.e2 files are now loaded from your PC, no more USB needed.
So if you are familiar with JaZUp 1.x the way of working has changed, please read the attached PDF.
- when installing to USB only the target USB stick is needed
- When creating backup of official firmware data, file is now downloaded and you can set the name of your backup file
- No more support for patch.bin file format
- Disable Hardware Acceleration even in Rescue Mode
- Uninstall Priority Manager from official firmware to avoid conflict when upgrading
- fix E2 partitions problems on official DOM (256MB) if needed
- Automatic rename dummy patch.bin into _patch.bin to allow Azbox full reboot after upgrade

Known issue: when you have E2 installed on an USB memory stick the switch to rescue mode, doesn't work. This is a kernel bug, not a JaZUp2 bug. You need to insert another USB stick whith a dummy patch.bin file to force the Rescue Mode.

Hectore and Pr2

FW4USB brick some azbox when the user wants to restore official FW.
Some are implemented it without doing extensive tests, we released JaZUp v2.1 only to avoid this problem.
We looked how FW4USB works and nothing is expected to rollback the FW4USB modification. Our politics is safe before all. FW4USB is not safe today.
We don't take responsability to implement it. FW4USB will not implemented in jaZUp.


Use this e2 file

to come back with official kernel.
Put a official 'patch.bin' on your usb memory stick and plug it in your azbox.
Reboot azbox.
Your azbox is normaly in rescue mode.
Put the ip of your azbox in jazup 2.2 and click on the 'Restore official Boot' take the e2 file (link above). Jazup will flash the official kernel in your azbox.
Don't remove the usb stick...
Your azbox must be fall in the official update firmware panel.
Format DOM and use USB option for a official upgrade.

You can read the documentation in the jazup 2.2 package all is explaine.


So, carefully does it, using JaZUp 2.2!!!

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Done have only 1 simple question?
What are the main advantages of Enigma since I have not seen one and happy to be back to official fw