Average boobs increase three sizes in two years


Britain’s average busts have grown by three sizes in just two years, research has found, with the best selling bra size has going up from a 34B in 2010 to a 34DD in 2012.

Ladies living in the North, Midlands and Ireland are the ones contributing to this trend, whilst ladies in the South and Scotland have grown by a more modest two sizes.

And in Wales the average bra size is now a whopping E cup. But don't get too excited, experts say they can explain the uplifting news.

The increase is being attributed to women following role models such as Dita Von Teese, Kim Kardashian and Nigella Lawson and embrace their breasts.

An astonishing 78% of women surveyed by Debenhams - which conducted the study - admit to previously squeezing into a bra that was a smaller size than they should be wearing.