About Windows Vista OS


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system requipments of all windows vista os

to os* (operarating system) works great into your pc you need
that hardware to works great.

- 1mb ram to 2mb ram
- c.p.u (central power unite) dual core 2800+ to 4800+ mhz
- graphic card sli cmpatible* (two cards works like one with
the bridge)
- sound card 1 embedded or not
- dvb-s card
see the picture

also if we use many periferal programs for alkl receivers
and pc card into windows vista we can use these programs

for humax:
- from humax tray suite -- hzu -- hnf smart -- humbox
- key uplader -- humax 5400 toolbox -- dsr studio
- hdf smart database
for premium x receiver:
- up and down 1.28
for commander:
- keymaker
- commander_dowloader
dvb-s card:
- from twinhan -- digital tv -- to sky star
- some dvb-s programs such us -- progdvb 5 -- my theater


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plus windows vista is very defend
with with windows defender and one antivirus