A Quick guide for better Dish Lnb set up.

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This guide is for improving your tracking of the arc by getting the settings on your Lnb & dish set for best results,

Correct settings = maximum signal.
1/ Lnb,
The skew can vary from each set up but most of the time I have found that 2.5 mm to the right works for my current set up,
It is always best to try the furthest & nearest measurement while looking at a signal meter as variations in the dish arm,
Lnb construction will make your set up unique, the guides on this forum are just that a guide for you to find out the best set up for your dish/Lnb,
The position in the Lnb holder furthest forward,furthest,back somewhere in between find out what is best for your set up when making any adjustments always have a signal meter in view,
I have a friend who has a 100cm dish & does not get signals as good as my 90cm because the dish has not been set up accurately,
I recently tried out a 100cm dish & I got all the major satellites,28.5 east,19.2 east,13 east, 1 west & 30 west, but 23.5 east 16 east,10 east, 4 west, 7 west,were missing,
This was because I had not set up Motor Elevation,this determines the angle that you will track the Clarke belt,& the Dish Declination,that is the forward & back tilt of your dish,these adjustments take a little more time & effort to achieve maximum signals on your Reference Satellite then you will peak on the whole arc if you have got it right.

Just a closing note make sure that your dish is clamped dead central on the motor spigot a couple of mm out here will give you weak signals at the ends of the arc same goes for your motor if you have not made sure that 0 on your scale is your motor's position on your reference satellite when you tighten the motor clamp bolts to the mast ( The mast must be dead vertical use a spirit level)following this guide will ensure that your set up is perfectly tracking the arc that is 20,300 miles above the equator,
And it all starts with getting your Lnb set up correctly.

Use the other guides here for a more in depth explanation on how to set up your equipment.

The satellite arc or Clarke Belt is where you will find satellites in geostationary orbit,
Tracking Inclined orbit satellites requires additional equipment not covered here.
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