8mb-Artemis -- 13.12.09

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CCc protocol-Triple Dragon-Artemis Team assisted image CCc protocol

There was something desired by long-time TD, this day kısmetmiş
Software will not go into too much detail, you are accustomed to the use of software infrastructure is eXtreme therein.
So we know the red + select kullancaz and IPK infrastructure therein istediğimz emuyu will remain the same.
Why is this sub-structure was used as is for 3 years and have never seen one of the most robust because of missing
Let's bring it to CCcam by:
Configuration file / var / folder is located in the k eys and consists of 3 main files.
This file is in setting up the packages you want to watch
port @ caid: provider are examples of logic to review and change your settings accordingly.
This file has the information you want to connect the server, however looking at examples are not set.
This file is the user accounts.
The logic of the information via mgcamd CCcam or newcamd protocol support such evocamd emu'larla is transferred.
The software for the mgcamd newcamd.list in tdccc.user 'opened the case I added a user (re-edit them according to your own benefit you are).

After editing the information 1 to CCcam-time active menu-> 0 (menu + zero) are pressed, to disable menu-> 8
Between the red reset if necessary, support ccc +0 (emutoys) is sufficient.
All settings were made correctly by the following mgcamd CCcam can then begin.
CS commercial use of this work some "citizens" have a bad sürpizim would prevent the event or cards you know reshare always comes ....... 0 the cards 0 TD over this at home or from other devices that can be easily monitored

Thnx to Artemis team
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