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  • Hi testi!
    I wanna ask you about your posts here:

    Ho did u decrypt the bin file man? and after I do it and edit parts of it, how do I re-encrypt it and then get it back inside the abs file again?

    I'd appreciate if u help me urgently.. thank you

    P.S i believe the sat receiver i have is a clone of the Furg. 150
    Please fix this plugin for OpenPli image ....
    OK Goals blocked enigma for this image..
    For OpenAtv,PBNigma,OpenDroid,Eurosat all works fine...DM800HD SE original....
    < 1243.198> sport
    < 1243.199> OKGoals(H)
    < 1243.214> [SKIN] Parsing embedded skin <embedded-in-'OKGoals'>
    < 1243.394> [eTextPara] unicode U+feb1 not present
    < 1243.394> [eTextPara] unicode U+feae not present
    < 1243.394> [eTextPara] unicode U+fec4 not present
    < 1243.394> [eTextPara] unicode U+fed8 not present
    < 1243.394> [eTextPara] unicode U+fedf not present
    < 1243.394> [eTextPara] unicode U+fe8d not present
    < 1243.563> action -> OkCancelActions ok
    < 1243.563> build_menu
    Hello mister "testi"!
    Do you speak english at firs? I would like to ask you about interes of becoming our reseller at first! Did you ever heard about AuraHD International Secon Edition ?? My name is Roman and I'm a manager of this project from manufacturer. There is over 600 chanels (Russian, Ukranian, Turkish, Poland, English, German, Spanish. Italian and e.t.c.). We made a new contetnt for Turkish-speaking expats (over 180 turkish chanels). Are you interested to continue my proposition?
    Hi dear friend!

    testi has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    Hi my friend,.....
    i lost all my files because of formating HardDisk,...

    Can You Give Me Again (philips) source code files that contain (I2, Cryptoworks, 3Des,...)
    ?? i wait for responce,.. thanks
    Hello Testi
    Can you make a new RK for Neotion Box with a new key for Austria Sat.
    I try to NBX01 Administrator
    press the Insert , enter the ID provider 0d050c
    Write the name of the provider enroll 32 characters for the key
    And now I do not know what is written in the Parm 1 and parm2


    Hi,I've just bought Digiturk,I have TM7100.Is it possible to use Digiturk card on TM-7100?Thanks
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