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  • Dear Sir
    I Need Permission To Upload File's On My Posts Instead Of Link,
    I Will Be ThanksFull To you
    last post by powercisco LAST PMCtable deleted by tani why? file in hdf format for humax5400 it is pmc table there is no server name or username or password or link for any website , i cant send PM to tani pls take a look
    Dear Sir
    I Need Permission To Upload File's On My Posts Instead Of Link,
    I Will Be ThanksFull To U
    I am quite new to this, but I am not totally a newbie...Is it possible to me to get access to the gbox forum? It would be great to know a little better the gbox emulator, and share some info with others about it...Hope that you can see that I am a active member...And not a totally Noob...I write much and like to explain to others what I do...If u see my last post u understand what I mean..
    I am from the old school, and have been in the satelitte world for a while.
    Have been into , Bluecard, Goldcard, Funcard, Basic and MII cards ( Season interface with LCE) in the beginning :) Etc... Have alot of equpments...seasons, interfaces...and have also made myselve an unlooper for some years ago.. :) Was developing some scripts with it..Mostly to glitch ;) ;)
    Would be fun to come into this forum...I have experience with Newcamd, Mgcamd, CCcam and have are not totally newbie either on Gbox..

    Hope that I can get access..

    Best regards from
    Hi Rocknroll,
    thanks for the support in my absence,today as you predicted was at the game,
    EW is a pain, thats being nice.
    Hey Rock,

    Any help on this subject would be highly appreciated:

    Thank you as always
    @zooom, nothing is wrong, you can post attachments in public sat upload section. By default no member without a special status is allowed to attach. Members can ask for upload permissions if they've been members for some time and uploaded some attachments in public sat upload first.
    hai admistrator,
    nw i cn't attach file.what is the wrong? pls take action immidiatly pls....
    Aldough Su VIP thi user placed some porn images on this link which is against rules set on 2009:
    thread :156025
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