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  • hello, i have installed the fw edision on my amiko mini hd265 when i turn it on the written edision then a error that says:

    sw is not designed for this hw. pleae back original fw

    how can i solve i have urgency to use fw edision on amiko. if i provide you with a small edision h265 fw patch can you make it compatible with your amiko mini hd 265 clone? thank you

    I have attached fw of edision piccollino h265 s2 with the patch to convert for amiko mini hd 265.


    h t t p s://easyupload.io/u29hoq
    Saludos,tengo un decodificador AMIKO MINI HD 265 el cual necesito saber si a este deco se le podria poner iks privado ademas si este equipo esta acto para ver canales en power vu,biss,tanderberg cual seria los pasos para poder ver estos canales si hay como verlos claro esta me prdias ayudar... de antemano gracias....
    I have a mini combo extra but after one week I am not able to find a soft for emu cccam:when I send via usb key,the receiver replay always "check version software error1".But I send what I find here and in someother places soft only for my receiver mini combo extra.What happens?Can you help me ,please? Thanks in advance
    alberto from Italy.
    ciao scusa il disturbo ma mi hanno regalato un ctech one come aggiorno la lista canali ? non trovo nessun setting recente grazie se vorrai aiutarmi
    I have an Amiko mini HD SE receiver. I want to be able to add my xtream codes IPTV sub to it. I followed instructions about putting line in server.txt file inUSB and pressing Blue button twice but nothing happens. I think the firmware version is too low.

    I was going to try your firmware but see that you have different ones like Galaxy and Super. Which one do I need? Also it is important that the firmware has emu support. Do your versions have it?

    Many Thanks
    Hi there,

    I hope you can offer me assistance.

    I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and purchased an Amiko HD 8140 set-top box, in order to continue receiving Freeview from Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

    Unfortunately, I appear to be having some problems, which I think may be related to the firmware currently installed.

    Could you explain to me (as simply as possible please), how I can update the firmware on the receiver, (and where I can get the latest files to do this)?

    Below are the details given in the 'Information' section on the receiver at present:

    * Model ID: Ali_3612
    * S/W Version: 0E090A00_1.4.86
    * H/W Version: YW-M3612-linka06
    * Loader Version: M3612 1.0.4
    * Latest Update: Jul 23 2015 17:41:17
    * STB SN: ALI3612_YW-M3612-linka06_CIS
    * Chip ID: d164b4b2cf393a37
    * Force ID: bccfeacfcd5d

    Many thanks!
    Hi Powercisco,
    Tnx for this last file, finally some good news for T*l*n*t :) Keep on the good job!!! Satviewer.
    I saw you deleted my post. I didn't chat, I only gave a feedback about a big bug of the latest SW!! I would be happy if you can cooperate to fix this bug in the SW.
    Thank you!
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