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  • I wonder if you know how to get .bin and .txt files for processing in Powervu Home Edition?
    Is there any other way to decode programs on cable TV?
    thanks for the answers
    Mr kebien...help me please
    Why spark sti7111 can't open channel sports hd 24 powervu with oscam emu..any solusion
    Hi old Buddy
    Thanks to boga I can write to you...
    Are you playing csa rainbow ? Do you want to join good hidden forum involved firmly in production of chains ?
    I would not be playing it at all because of time-consuming (I do not watch tv at all) but I'm running it for my son. No way to watch here in Europe on any regular channel a niche sport he is interested in. And I must admit that this method is effective. During two last months I decoded 4 feeds in real time (about 20 min).
    If you are interested in - give me info.
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