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  • Hi ajetunmobi. With nasscamd and homecamd you could use your decoder to watch some encrypted channels. All you have to do is to flash your receiver with a patched soft and then to introduce some data manually into nasscamd or homecamd sharing system.
    Hello, I dont know anything about nasscamd, homecamd but I bought a star track decoder that has all these term, can you please brief me how to subscribe, I have already a router and I was able to connect the decoder to the net. Or please, show me a link that can help me. thanx for your help.
    Yumatu maker este un soft care face fisier de key valabil ptr receiverele globo,opticum,yumatu,truman si clonele lor.Fisierul se introduce in receivere si pe diferiti sateliti se vor deschide anumite posturi codate.
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