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  • kam marre disa te dhena qe me lemon downloader mundesh me programu kopernikus per hapjen e qelsave. e kam shkarku lemonin por nuk funksionon. klikoj te open file zgjedh filen klikoj save, pastaj klikoj download por shfaqet tabela bardh pa asnje shkrim do ju lutesha te me ndihmoni se qfare te bej.
    Hi,I am trying to connect the reciever to the internet using cat5 cable plugging in to the router.I've got latest patch and add on.I am able to access 8281 but for some reason the reciever doen'y catch the IP.I changed the router ,still no luck.Tried ti enter manually ,IP doesn't stay.Tried to set uo router,reserved the connection,unable to do that as well.Took to friends house,works well there.Back at home the same,connection fails.Any advice?Thanks
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