Xtreand ET9500 on Dreambox control centre


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I have a Xtrend ET9500 which i control on Dreambox control centre but after buying a new laptop i had all my programs from old one onto new,but the new one developed a problem and after bing in for repair i lost every thing on it, i have downloaded DCC again but when i press FTP tthere is no info on the left hand side from bin to var as before, the left hand side is empty i can not remember how i got the info onto this side although i still have old laptop which still has DCC and working correcly i just want to get it working on new one so i can get rid of old one how do i get the info onto the left hand side, any HELP please would be greatful:mecry:


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make sure all the ips are correct ie laptop - router - receiver and the username and password