Vu+ and CCCam 230 problem on tivusat


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Hello, I have a vu + with image only if BH 2.1.5 and I installed it the ccc230 that the 221, both make me see good cline I entered with due process, then I can also see channels Tivusat.

But I would also read the card Tivusat I using the 230 and without being connected to the Internet, in fact in some moments of the day I do not have internet and I would like to read the card even without Internet connected?

The 230 I tried it, and it makes me see various channels with the cline, only without the internet even though I left for a while the decoder of iris, and other movie rai of Tivusat nothing happened! in'oltre I checked on the official website it tells me that the card is active.

My card is the yellow one, I do not think that affects the color though!

Then a friend of mine had told me that putting the ip of the vu + I should see this screen, but if I put my router IP broswer on writing the rest that I have to write me out load error page and not this screen!

I hope you know help me :)
have a nice evening :)


To use card, You dont need emulator, You have card reader ! Emo is need to CS, to get or give the line .