Signal in 11131 v 15000 7E


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Anyone else having problems with signal in 11131 v 15000, 7E? It was good all day, weather is perfect, zero wind, and suddenly signal is very poor. Wondering is they sometimes change the signal intensity in the satellite or something similar?


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perhaps you tuned in much too late and today's Tennis action and Feed had already finished so simply the feed signal left ??
it is not a 24/7 Feed and was only active today until 5pm as only two matches each day on center court
so very likely your timing was off and just missed out ?
if not i guess you are working with a Small dish and marginal signal and not quite catching the intended beam
broadcasters can and will reduce signals to prevent users with small dishes watching their feeds
it can and does happen just ensure your LNB is okay and your not getting interference from a telephone or some other devices causing noise reduction i had similar issues with a DECT home phone hands free base where i'd loose signal on feeds
especially when phone rang and when phone was lifted from base my signal went to nothing .
its not easy to trouble shoot your exact issue as there is very many factors ,
my best advise is ensure you tune in early to test card tomorrow and if same thing happens later in the day begin to look for the source of your problems it could be one simple thing or many things just do a step by step checking obvious issues .
good luck : )