[Plugin] GPT for Dreambox One / Two


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GPT( for booting and flashing) for Dreambox One / Two

cojo11 wrote
For all of you who have already switched to GPT, here is the GPT plugin based on Gutemine`s Gordon (Thx for this).

How you can switch, you can read here
Current AIO in flash is mandatory !!!
GPT works for flashing ONLY from "Main Image" (Slot 0)
What can the plugin :
Booting the created partitions ( Plugin reads the Bootconfig.txt under data )
Flashing to the "slot" of your choice (currently not to the SD card) from the backup folders ( media/hdd/backup - data/backup - data/gordon )
The GPT plugin is automatically written into the image you flash into the slot and you can change the slots from there by remote control.
Displaying the current bootconfig file

At the moment ONLY Dream OS images are supported !!!
( PeterPan,Merlin,NN2,DreamOS,gemini,Nobody )

Open ATV ( Open Images in general ) is once again a special case, you can flash them but
the plugin is integrated into the image when flashing into the slot.
BUT,Since they can't manage to build the images in such a way that there is a
dreambox-data partition, there is NO bootconfig.txt and you can NOT boot the plugin back into the main image.
back into the main image without having to boot directly to the box.
I would advise against flashing ATV into the slot !!!!
It is possible with some telnet commands but you can mess something up !
Thanks to Gutemine for Gordon and SvenH for his great help !!!!!



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GPT Plugin For Dream ONE / TWO
New update:21.09.2023
changelog :
r18: - fix error on backup from booted flash..
- language support with german language file..
Thx @CoJo


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