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I have a TM 500. am having problems installing anything using UR server. I keep getting “Install failed. Please check available space. ” I have tried different images, both UR and iq with no luck. I have also done a fresh install. I have only used 6% of available space.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!
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Instructions for anyone with a similar problem/Newbies

Add clines using miniweb
1. go to setup> expert setup> communication setup and get the ip address

2. switch tecnhomate off and on & hold power button before it comes on. keep holding the power button until the last part of the IP address comes on. eg “. 68”.
3. open the ip address in browser

4. delete the old lines and add new clines, then save.

5. restart box

The TM500 super & TM600 use similar images.

Error message
If you are getting “install failed. Check available space. ”, make sure you have the latest image. Try http://downloadtmsw.com/bbs/list.php?board=tm600 for the latest images. Check the side panel for other images.

Updating firmware by cable & TCC
1. to update with an image, use a combination of the blue null cable and/or a usb cable. The cable & the box must be connected for the boot option to be present.

2. Put off the receiver, hold the volume up button on the receiver & restart the box.

3. Follow the instructions.

An update can also be done through miniweb or technomate control centre (TCC). If the update keeps stopping whilst using the miniweb & a phone, keep the screen on whilst the update is in progress.

The default username for the box is “root”. The default password is empty/blank.

Access can be gained using an ftp client, telnet, etc using the credendials.