Help BM-210 cas


New member
I have BM-210 cas with following problem:
-when i switch the box on the boot began and after a while it reboot automaticly (indefinitly)
-i trayed to flash it by rs232 cable with no success (no communication with PC -windows XP-)
-no communication with pc via rg45 cable
-i trayed to do factory reset, but with same results
-finaly i trayed to flash the bootloader by JTAG cable, and make a BAD OPERATION (i selected u-boot-220 model), and now the box is completely out (no switching on any more)

-i still can communicate with the box via JTAG cable.
I think i need a good bootloader image (for TGS 210/BM-210 cas), or a DUMP firmware of a same box model

Any help will be appreciated (bootloader, dump file, advice..)

Thanks in advance