BBC Astra 28.2 Freeview


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I have a Strong FTA (SRT 7007) receiver for receving UK freeview channels on Astra 28.2.
After my latest channel search, the picture of all BBC channels appears for a few seconds, then just a black screen.
The receiver doesn't find BBC South East or London any more either, after a channel search.
I cannot find a way in the receiver's menu to MANUALLY search for particular channels, putting frequency in etc.
And finally, after performing a scan of Astra 28.2, the receiver gives me NO option to save previous favourite channel lists.
I'd really appreciate some help with:

1.BBC London & S.E ...manual search
2. How to save favourite tv channels WITHOUT the receiver wiping them out after a transponder scan.

Thanks in advance!
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Its in manual how to scan individual tp etc

Latest transponders after recent chages are here