Are all Smart cards physicaly compatible


Hello there, I have a device that used one of this Gemplus 271/226 Phone cards
The card looks like this:

Gemplus is now Gemalto, if I am correct

I do have all the firmware sources that the device used to comunicate with the Gemalto card, so I know the protocol

Now the problem is that I cannot buy blank GemPlus cards anymore and my stock is slowly running dry
So I was thinking, maybe I can write an emulator on one of my Funcard7 cards:

The pinout of the gemalto card looks like this I believe:

My funcard has a slightly different pinout:

Now the problem is are theese 2 cards, physicly compatible?
so if I stick my Funcard into the device (telephone) would my telephone be able to physicaly talk to the card, or would it destroy my card

If the telephone (this is a payphone) would be able to physicaly talk to the card so I can just write an emulator on my funCard, so I can continue to use the payphone (because blank funcards can still be bought fortionatly)

Hope someone knows
Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards


Hi, I have 4.
Hi, thats great

Fortionatly Funcards can still be bought

My question is if I can safly use the funcard inside my payphone that takes Gemplus 226/271 phone cards

The problem is I cannot get phone cards (Gemplus 271/226) anymore and once u run out of credits on the phonecard its gameover... (you can only throw it in the trash)